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  1. Hi @GM Seiren, I have tried updating my Intel Graphics Drivers, however, after the patcher loads and I click on start, I don't get a TalonRO image box like @juanlars said I would. I've even tried disabling my antivirus yet still no luck. I am not sure what else to do here and I am desperate for some assistance. Respectfully, Anika12
  2. So I downloaded TalonRO because my friend recommended it to me and when it got downloaded it just sends me to the black purple and white screen every time, I been having this issue since the day I downloaded TalonRO and sometimes it will just shut down when I open it up or sometimes it will load but won't let me click start and then it would force quit itself. The graphic device i'm using for TalonRO is Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics 640 (Direct3D T&L HAL).