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  1. A2Z

    Advice & General Direction

    Great advice in this thread already, just wanted to say I used a rental Excalibur when leveling my GC Crusader - dat +10 INT so nice for both damage and self-healing.
  2. A2Z

    Back to the game

    Yo, Yonathen - I was in the same boat like a month ago. If you haven't already perused the "guides" section of the forum that would be a good idea, especially to get caught up on new/custom features. Enjoy the nostalgia
  3. A2Z

    Decided to try this out.

    Yo. It's good to see other fellow noobs out here - makes me feel like I'm not the only one What job(s) you thinking of playing?
  4. A2Z

    a super-noob appears!

    Yo. Like the title says - I am a super noob (not to be confused with Super Novice). Always made it to like mid-game progression whenever I got the RO itch, but never really went beyond that. Hopefully that'll change this go around