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    Hello, may I suggest to help new players speeding up a bit the gearing process? Right now the market is slowly stagnating ( it's basically just trading between old players ) and to just participate server's unique istances one would need hundreds of millions ( for the cheapest classes ) leaving new players really behind. Speeding the gearing process up would incentivate trading again. I know that RO is supposed to be hellish grindy but the old "kill an enemy a thousand times" or farm for a year just to be able to partecipate istances/stuff isn't funny and doesn't really encourage new players to join and stay. My suggestions: - create easy istances that reward the player with both zeny and equip, could be boxes with random loots for example ( helping the market ) - create custom quests (other than eden group quests ) that give player class-specific items - create rentable less-powered versions of SQI items to help new players join gmc/farming/mvps - overall balance of to-sell price of many drops ( to npc ). Increase them or make some monsters drop them more often ( Example: Baroness of Retribution is a very difficult monster to defeat but has common loots that sells for 700 average zeny) - create rentable class-specific set of items
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