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  1. looking for a sting bris or clean bris pm me
  2. let me know the price thanks
  3. looking for a clean evangelist or with DrDrDr or DDD or willing to trade my +4mjol DBTh plus some other stuff or zenny on my end please pm me stuff that i can add are 2x celebs , custom pcb (lovers bell) , tirfing valk , +7 Odins blessing (Tao gunka). thanks !!
  4. Selling my mjolnir 175m or best offer, seling +10mg DDTT and DSTT 85m each, +4 sleip eddga 110m , custom pcb (lovers heart bubblegum) 42m , cursed hand hell poodle and cursed hand mad dog pm me offers!!
  5. im trading my +4 mjolnir Doppel,Thana,Bapho + zeny or gears on my end to your +0/4 evangelist clean or with cards pm me !!
  6. yea thank god lol i was a little worried to be honest. thanks !
  7. i should try that next time, what i did was i uninstalled and installed the game and it worked!! thanks you!
  8. wow i dont know how long mine took but i got approved i just checked it an hour ago who knows could be earlier than that! thank you !!
  9. just downloaded this game today and was working fine.. when I was leveling in payon cave and when I tried to talk to one of the priest I couldn't!! I can type but when I try to send it or press "ENTER" it doesn't go through like my "ENTER" key all of the sudden stopped working... but when I tried whispering another player to ask if they know how to fix it the "ENTER" suddenly works... so in my case I can use whisper perfectly fine but when I try to ask for buffs or say thank you in public chat it wont let me!!! sad how I cant talk in public kinda like im muted! can someone help me I already restart my PC and relog many times.... only thing I can think of (its 2:45am) is to uninstall it and re-download it again.. any help would be nice! thank you!!
  10. just curious on how long it takes for the staff to approve me and also I saw some players complaining they got denied.. I hope there's a way to check or read some info about it, im just wondering why would they have to review whos going to donate? does it really matter? I mean there's nothing to review as new players only provide limited info where its only a username and a password.. can someone shed a light on this one thank you!!!
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