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  1. watching nightblue and somene played this
  2. T-BO feat. Bengie B "GET MONEY" (maturity warning)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIt9m2f7cD8 normally don't like this style of alt rock but this one slaps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etAIpkdhU9Q
  4. YORU 夜 - 1984 (feat. GRYFF Isidor - Neon Owl
  5. SKC

    Cash amount preview

    Can we have a column for the Talon Cash to be previewed from the control panel if possible? First thought was in the place that you can view your logins.
  6. These are my stats for my lvl 20 Filir so far, if any Filir experts would like to chime in and tell me if its worth keeping as decent, excelent or complete dog s@%$ I'd very much welcome the input.
  7. SKC

    Slotted Blank Mid Headgear?

    I like this idea, and as far as the marketing aspect maybe set the price to 1-2 Talon Coin since there are multiple mid headgears, so it can't be something to over the top high in price.
  8. Wolf and Raven~On the run
  9. renewal or not hasn't changed thief skills, but yes if you do lvl 8-9 depending on detox its possible to completely not take double attack, but hopefully nobody has ever made that mistake.
  10. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CijsKwoAwEAUPJcKeIBosw4QqwoXDmMK9w43Dhw0BbcOEXMOfXVHDsAgOw4xjworDp2FowqQsGhDCnEjDgQNrF8OxEMObwrfDgAXCqDktw5VGw4suEcOPwonCgcOjwqRJwr0vwrkIGsKkw5trw6xaw5xIw4HDo8OLwoANf8OhAg There ya go, a fairly modest build if I'm being honest but it does the trick.
  11. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43DjEsKwoAwDEXDkUXCiSsQwqXCiDhyIMOOw67Ck8OWwpbCgiM/w5vCtxUFwpfDoMKBw6RlwpBkwqZSwqfCoFYVwoYaISNYdsOLw4PClsOvwoTCj3AGN8Kdwo1tw7zDoMOkR8OnYTvDlMOnwrpXQkwgwqLDlMOTwr9Mw7nCtMOIOcOzZVjDucKLCw I personally preffer one shotting Mavka, but if I had to make a basic attack build, this would be pretty close to it.
  12. That's my build, very similar with some slight alterations. Sleip GEC swap for sp, you already know.
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