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  1. SKC

    LK Invoker of Death

    i mean if your changing the build into dopple/sniper for single target i guess it could work, but you wouldn't use invoker for that build. mb for not knowing about sniper berserk
  2. SKC

    LK Invoker of Death

    berserk blocks all healing, but the dps is pretty amazing.
  3. SKC

    LK Invoker of Death

    I did some testing with the Invoker of Death at +7 and +9 with variations of cards, My findings showed that it works best with a hybrid crit high atk build with Kaahi buff and Proxy Skin Fragment to supplement the sp drain, I don't recommend this build if your solo, it works best if you have a HP nearby to keep you assumptio and healed comfortably, because if you get hell debuff you won't be able to resurrect until it times out. kaho and Valk upper with gryphon is variable depending on the place your farming at, usually you want to go with kaho tho for the raw damage. mid is always str+1 Gryphon. Lower is completely optional, but you'll see a better comfort zone with the Pussy Cat Bell, if you don't have that tho Chewing bubble gum works well. Armor is variable Invoker of Death +7 (+9 is not needed at all) Dopple and Bapho cards provide constistant results. Proxy Skin Fragment (usually with Deviling card) Shoes are variable but I used Lady Tanee Sleipnir Accessories I got the best results from were holding at least 1 Meg, but if you can supplement the build with crit by taking 1 accessory with Ifrit card that's where I saw the best results. If your targets have under 30 defense tho you'll be better with raw str from dual Megs. if your relying on crits for high defense targets you'll want to farm up some Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich in bulk to take with you. And change the build into double bris~Ifrit and Valk~Gryphon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ all in all this build is a bit of a meme, but it does have its merit and is very strong for what it offers and is probably the optimum build for an auto attack build in terms of consistency and power so long as you have support with you. With that being said, i tested it in juperos and Geffenia. Juperos was a cake walk and geffenia got a bit rough with the sp problems. But when I had sp it was extremely brutal and wiped out everything like a lawn mower. Here is a rough build to alter depending on what available resources you have at your disposal. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CikEOwoIwFAVPwoXCrE0IQcKsCxIvMMK/w7bCt8OYwogswpTChsObw7NZcAdmM2/CksOnWcOEw4koDV/CucKxIMO0w7cXw4w5McOww4QIFQcpQxlDU8OaacO1w7Vvwo5Fw5/DkcOpA8OUwqULIcOBJ8ObJ0dVw4zCssKHccK1acOyw789OsOOw4MG Happy gaming
  4. SKC

    Pictures Of Players

    Might be tacky to post branded things, but oh well. its what i'm all about. SUP TALONIANS
  5. SKC

    SinX veteran

    whatup, gonna be getting back into RO from 6 years taken off. old SinX main here so if anyone needs help or w/e your more than welcome to ask me, and I'll probably be starting to stream it as well if you want to contact me on twitch @ SKC_unlimited. My old ign on Iris/Ymir was sofakingcool. I can also be reached anytime on Discord https://discord.gg/fWEPrKv
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