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  1. --------------------------------------------------- IGN ~ *SKC* & Lani De Mirshanns --------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time in the humble streets of Prontera, a Wizard known simply as S.K.C. by most. He was bold, a bit of a smarty pants, loved to laugh and be sarcastic. He had a favorite spot in Prontera to sit and chat with the locals, he spent a good portion of this days there spreading his knowledge and resources to help his fellow Talonians, when he wasn't battling scary monsters. Along with this notorious trouble maker was a lovely Gypsy by the name of Lani De Mirshanns. She seemed like the quiet type...and to most, she was. However the more acquainted with her people got they realized that she was quite sassy, charmingly up-front and a very amusing person to be around. She spent most of her time wandering around various cities, killing wayward monsters that dared cross her path. One day she was window shopping in Prontera, but almost fell over the sitting wizard. He didn't seem too bothered by it though. Their eyes locked and with a bit of a cocky attitude he easily captured her attention, so she sat down next to him and they started chatting. Over time, they became very close...chatting, laughing and getting along quite famously. After what seemed to be close to a year, the Wizard decided that he'd like to marry this delightful Gypsy... so he proposed. The proposal in essence was rather unconventional during one of Alura's Town of Niffelheim events. Perhaps it was this unconventionality that drew them together as she happily accepted his proposal. They were wed in a small church ceremony on the outskirts of Prontera. Yet even though the sands of time still trickle down endlessly with uncertainty they are together to this day, laughing, chatting, putting each other in mortal danger inside terrifying dungeons... y'know... the sort of thing you'd expect from a few old friends that love a good adventure.
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