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  1. SKC

    Cash amount preview

    Can we have a column for the Talon Cash to be previewed from the control panel if possible? First thought was in the place that you can view your logins.
  2. These are my stats for my lvl 20 Filir so far, if any Filir experts would like to chime in and tell me if its worth keeping as decent, excelent or complete dog s@%$ I'd very much welcome the input.
  3. Journey~Who's Crying Now.
  4. SKC

    Slotted Blank Mid Headgear?

    I like this idea, and as far as the marketing aspect maybe set the price to 1-2 Talon Coin since there are multiple mid headgears, so it can't be something to over the top high in price.
  5. Wolf and Raven~On the run
  6. renewal or not hasn't changed thief skills, but yes if you do lvl 8-9 depending on detox its possible to completely not take double attack, but hopefully nobody has ever made that mistake.
  7. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CijsKwoAwEAUPJcKeIBosw4QqwoXDmMK9w43Dhw0BbcOEXMOfXVHDsAgOw4xjworDp2FowqQsGhDCnEjDgQNrF8OxEMObwrfDgAXCqDktw5VGw4suEcOPwonCgcOjwqRJwr0vwrkIGsKkw5trw6xaw5xIw4HDo8OLwoANf8OhAg There ya go, a fairly modest build if I'm being honest but it does the trick.
  8. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43DjEsKwoAwDEXDkUXCiSsQwqXCiDhyIMOOw67Ck8OWwpbCgiM/w5vCtxUFwpfDoMKBw6RlwpBkwqZSwqfCoFYVwoYaISNYdsOLw4PClsOvwoTCj3AGN8Kdwo1tw7zDoMOkR8OnYTvDlMOnwrpXQkwgwqLDlMOTwr9Mw7nCtMOIOcOzZVjDucKLCw I personally preffer one shotting Mavka, but if I had to make a basic attack build, this would be pretty close to it.
  9. That's my build, very similar with some slight alterations. Sleip GEC swap for sp, you already know.
  10. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43Ci0EKwoAwDARfJT4gCj14w5XDu8KmJDbCpD3DlcOSw69bEcO/w6DDgBwWZiM6b2xMTMKIWMOBOFoGw5LDrkZGWsK1w4rChMKPMgPDnWRpfhXDjipnw49hwrTDtgpJwoDCuQPCrsOKYz/DhsO2HAPDvsODDQ This is a modest crit build that you can upgrade into, idk why Sedora card put so much crit chance into the build...so just ignore that...here is a list of cards I have on my list for potential builds for your consideration. Hopefully this sheds a little bit of light on what to look forward to, If you need an end game tier build just lemme know and I'll slap together a Twin Fang SQI build ~~~~~Crit~~~~~ Ifrit acc bris Kobold 4% crit str+1 mobster 15% dmg crit+4 race card 10% dmg crit+7 (assaulter) Sedora 15% dmg flee+4 sold skel 9% crit ancient mimic-armor card~ +1 agi per 18 luk gryphon +20 crit (-2 crit per 11 str +2luk) Venatu-armor~ +1 luk per 18 agi
  11. SKC

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CjEEKwoAgFETDj8OUwqoLVMK4wqhAw5rCucKbwrHCvsKZIAXCkR0/wo0Ow5HCg8KBwrd4woxFYk/Dj8KWCjsmEMK8SWAOw5DDkBIlwrojw6Bjw43ClsK8wpjDlC3ClcKtY8OjwpJsw47CnBfDh8KyN8OxIcKIAFI8w5/DgA7DhRTDvsODAw There you go, I didn't give full consideration for a low budget but this is the general outline for how a medium/high budget ice pick build would look like, I also made another build for high end Double Attack that includes the Orcish Ax on the off hand that you can see on the forums a few posts above. Lemme know if you need any other tips.
  12. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43DhkEKwoMwEEbDoVvCuRdEbHEjFAR3w6/Cr8KZTDo0w50UcsO9NsK3w7DDgQfDr0nDk8KqwqLCuxY+w5wQGsKVw6EMNsK2w6TDiUVYwrXDiiPCuQfCtGJHwpvCv2/CqFNuw7bDisKHwq0+dMO0SsKEGVh/w73DhcOeb8OhOsO9AA you can change the build by dropping 10 str and putting leftovers into Vit change cards by dropping agi to 1 and swapping 1 incantation into a dopple. maxx aspd with Awakening pot. Kaahi lvl 3-4 (I use 3) Key points to remember when making a sinx, 35-40 dex is your comfort zone, don't overstat your agi since flee is nullified by multiple mobs (thats why we use Kaahi) and always stat your str for the closest 10 benchmark. Vit doesn't matter to much outside pvp and you never stat Luk/Crit in a Double Dagger build for pre-renewal mechanics. Feel free to tinker with the build for your personal preference, but this will give you a general outline for how to build a top tier sinx.
  13. For me its gotta be @Tusketo, very enjoyable to be around on voice comms, always keeps me company on stream and has a wonderfully kind heart. If we're talking about people that i've had wonderfull encounters with, i gotta show props to @Mosjoandy, @Triggeres GreatBluePriest from moscovia, helped me out when i was just getting started during some key times that made a world of difference, nothin but love for them.
  14. I'd like a category for WoE teleports to be added to the minigame girl when she gets re-added, time invested into making a dedicated acolyte/priest and being locked into only 3 memo points somewhat gimps the player from just having 1 dedicated warper if they want to engage in every WoE, and forcing the player into a dual client state is never good from a gameplay perspective. It should either be a group effort with a dedicated player as the warper. or in our case with small WoE scene there should be an npc option to bypass the large group aspect (at least until the WoE scene picks up) if WoE gets bigger then by all means remove it from the npc. I don't want to add it to the standard Warp girl, instead add it to the old minigame girl with the old color changed text lines, showing which WoE is active currently for a better quality of life aspect. credit for the idea goes to s4w.
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