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  1. What are you getting from peach trees that guarantee that amount of money? I never heard of farming here except for Royal Jelly so I've obviously been missing out haha
  2. I have a few comments on how you could improve this build. I'm new to the LK right now but seeing as you have a baphomet violet fear, why are you wasting so much money on ASPD perks when you could hit max ASPD with Two Hand Quicken, a Bezerk potion and the Bezerk skill alone? I'm not sure what tactic you're employing where you'd have a baphomet card on a 2h sword but aren't using Zerk, it seems like you're trying to replicate Bezerk without using it. Instead if I were you I'd scrap the doppelganger card and focus more on HP or ATK boosting gears, like an Incantation Samurai card on your Violet Fear and a Tao Gunka Fire Armor to reduce damage, and by using Bezerk mode you save on meat and free up more space for loots, you just need a small pool of meat for healing between Zerks. Now this method would require that you are able to kill mobs without dying but it gives you a MUCH more substantial pool of HP, helps you hit Max ASPD with cheaper means, and you can focus on more crucial areas of your build such as ATK/HP rather than ASPD. I don't personally have the right gears to be doing this yet, but my cousin has spent a lot of time and money to develop his gearset and uses the method I described above, he racks in close to 2mil+/hour without nearly the expenses on meat and GJ. Good luck hitting 99 and tinkering with all of your gears and methods, I hope you find a way that works for you!
  3. Does anyone know what the formula is for calculating damage against a monster in game is? I know the calculator is very helpful at estimating damage, but I’d like to know what the formula is so that I can hopefully hear for each specific aspect (and understand how ATK, monsters DEF and all take effect).
  4. Hey Enrique, I finally made it to a Paladin and I'm developing Shield Chain as a build but it looks like SC is a strictly one enemy skill. You're saying one shotting mobs, is there a way to make SC an area skill or am I not understanding SC well enough to understand it is an area skill? Also, what spots would you recommend for farming with SC?
  5. I have an LKH, Pirate Dagger, and GEC working on a Dev Manteau next! I'll have to give this a shot, thank you so much for all of the help!
  6. Thanks for the help guys, does anyone know of a Shield Chain guide?
  7. Hey everyone, As the title suggests I'm looking for viable farming builds and locations for Paladins. I loved playing paladins on a different server where they could farm relatively effectively, but with Talon I feel like there isn't much of a place for Pallys outside of parties. I love the character and I understand I could more efficiently make money with my LK, but I'm trying to find a build that I can at least sustain a Paladin on. That way I can make and play a Pally without feeling like I'm burning through my money to gear him just for parties. I feel as though GC builds could help farm certain spots, but with it only really affecting undead that limits me to at best Niff (or leeching with a crazy expensive build at Abbey). I don't know how effective Shield Chain builds can be, but I feel as though they take some money to kick off. If anyone has any options or ideas, I'd love to hear it. Anything that allows me to play a Paladin while also making money!
  8. UPDATE: I don't know what the difference was but I uninstalled and redownloaded one last time and it finally worked! Thank you for everyone who helped.
  9. GM Neza, Thanks for the response! I did see that troubleshooting guide, and unfortunately it did not work, even the setup options for graphics and full screen. I'll try your other methods and report back after I reinstall.
  10. Hey GreenApple. I don't believe I would need to as it is a brand new laptop (just purchased and opened yesterday) but I'll give it a shot and respond if I have any luck. Thank you for your help, hopefully that works! EDIT: GreenApple, I don't believe I can manually update my windows at all, as I'm on Windows 10 I believe that it may be an automatic update.
  11. Hey all, I just got a new laptop and reinstalled with the full installer on the website. Towards the end of the installation I got an error message which I'll attach to this thread. I went through all of the troubleshooting guides, double checking my setup, trying the talonexe.exe shortcut (changing target path to " C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start /affinity 2 C:\Games\TalonRO\talonexe.exe -1sak1 "), and also redownloading and installing a few times. Seems like I've followed all possible troubleshooting guides relating to this topic. For further detail, I load the patcher, then start game. The patcher closes but no game loads, not even a white screen. I tried going directly from the talonexe.exe application in the folder but it gives me an error concerning "side by side configuration". Completely unable to play until further notice, if anyone can help I'd be very grateful.
  12. Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've played so it's understandable my game crashed most likely due to my patch being out of date. I tried opening up the patch but it says I've failed to connect with the server, although I have no connection issues. I'm going to try running through a couple more options such as downloading the mini installer, but I'd like to keep this thread open in case this doesn't fix the problem for me. Thanks!
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