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  1. Go with mace, it cant break, weapon dmg got no effect on shield chain. Thats why most of ppl go with mace or main gauche.
  2. My wizzie cant spam jupitel now, even with 3 doppel 😅, yeah i think its general bug too.
  3. Exactly my thought, imo, screen capturing our possesion wont help. Unless, they have database log or somekind of history log, to prevent false claim, item lost during data migration.
  4. Gec card wont help much, if you are on auto attack critical build, unless you plan on playing other class. Try these instead : 1. Lady tanee - more hp, as you have high agi to begin with. 2. Moonlight flower , dex +5 and fast move. 3. Eddga - no more flinching. 4. Mysteltain - more atk & flee. Devilling for garment, or raydric is fine too. And do pirate dagger quest for lower headgear, pretty easy. Ahh , one more thing, you might wanna check on enhanced variant shoes for your shoes, i think its the best shoe before sleipnir (as it grants you with +12 % hp sp, and a slot).
  5. Use Alligator card for your weapon, much more crit rate. (+ 12 crit rate) Its customized here.
  6. Farming rare in ro is really suck, especially when the monster has 2 or more useless thing of rare drop. As for diablo 2 , Farming for "unique" is the worst, especially that dreaded " elite - unique class of armor and weapons".
  7. Hunter bow and hunting arrow combo is really good for beginner, as you can buy them at payon city
  8. Welcome bro!! It's nice to see another adult / veteran here 😎, enjoy the adventure!!
  9. As suggested by kelen, eddga is a good choice for caster, you dont need sleipnir for now, just use moogle ball / campus festival hat for agi up, then swap back to lkh (for wizard). Enhanced variant shoes is a good choice for eddga card, +12% hpsp, def and mdef +1 with each refine, with a slot too. Do the synthesis crystal quest.
  10. More knights , less afk chemist 😎
  11. This month tam tam map is geffen, i'd say stick to your hw or knight to farm copper coin ( 50 copper coin = 1 talon coin / 1.1m zeny ) and level up your char at the same time. If you really like to play as a high wizard, just get isilla card and phen card, they are really cheap, and it will help your wizard tremendously.
  12. Hmm, maybe you can try drill katar with valkyrie randgris? Strip + dispel and kill them? Try enchanted bloody roar katar, with edp + soul link + provoke from him, it will be painful enough. Or using swordbreaker dagger to destroy their nibelungen. Semi autocast build wont work against fully geared knight, as it can be easily outpotted.
  13. As far as i know, Turtle general - useful for normal attack, envenom, sonic blow and venom splasher Incant samurai - soul breaker, meteor assault, normal atk as well ( though not much better than tg), envenom. Main hand Weapon choice ( hi atk weapon ) : mes , assasin specific dagger ( like sandstorm and twilight somethin), red and blue naght seiger blade. Off-hand weapon choice - ice pick, elemental wpn, or basically utility weapon ( like baphomet, sniper, or kiel card). Overall, incant is a better choice , however its gonna be hard to resell, as only certain class will benefit from incant samurai. Hope these info is useful to you, cheers 😅
  14. Pair of celeb rings would be nice, as it will benefit all class here ( especially the dex, int , agi, and str). Buying weeder knife or caesar swd is nice too.
  15. Im sorry, apparently im not pro enough to help you bro.
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