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  1. This is nice, instead of zombies and such, how about changing the mob (day - mob x , night - mob y)? Could be a fun and unique thing for the server.
  2. This ^ if it is possible. Either way, im happy with these already.
  3. Side note: Iduna's, swapping to a whole different gear setup with one button, will surely come in handy in those situations.  so its like having 2 set of gears ready for swap? Are you sure about this? Easier to swap in-between.
  4. Always ask others or at least double check on the item, before you purchase anything from reward guru, most of the gear is kinda useless. Unless its sqi ingredient.
  5. Mawanmeabeab2

    about GMC

    You can just remove them from your skill tab , right?
  6. Ezze, could you pls post pressure paladin build? Im guessing it would be 99 dex and 90 agi for aspd, but, how bout the spam rate? Since it has casting delay between each cast?
  7. Yep, sry about that, im just talkin about the general aspect, but, boosting a sinx wouldnt hurt rite? I know, there are several factors to consider, but i want to see our server to be more active, end game is not about pvm only. Ps: you dont have to be on the same page with me, cheeers 😆
  8. Exactly, at this server, ppl will always go for sniper, why? Because only that class get the love, assasin cross is just an outcast. For me, i'd rather make the poison bottle available on npc (or at least the ingredients, as this will also reducing zeny flow on the server), and adjusting the dmg for edp boost for pvp, gvg, and woe (i'll leave pvm, to make sinx viable for mvp and farming choice outside of gefennia and sleeper). Sinx , right now is just a joke, not viable , unless you have too many cash to burn (and it is not that powerful too, even with all the boost), 1 or 2 hit from high end monster will surely knock us out cold.😅
  9. Which mob are you talkin about anyway? Alchemist do have strong skills like mammonite and acid demo; though you need to be pretty much geared. The afk levelling / farming is really annoying tho, take alook at map like rachel sanct, where bunch of alchemist just stand everywhere , making the map less enjoyable to others (hopefully they're gone by now).
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