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  1. Mawanmeabeab2

    Butuh panutan :D

    Klo di kota2 ketemu char2 yg keliatan dewa baik costume ato gearnya, coba diajak bicara indo aja gan, biasanya org indo itu πŸ˜†
  2. Mawanmeabeab2

    Kaho card works on bows?

    It works against earth property monster. Just sell that kaho card, kaho card is one of the key ingredient for lord kaho horn quest, sell it, and get hunter bow. Endowed Hunter bow + hunting arriw is way too powerful already for early - mid game.
  3. Mawanmeabeab2

    One handed sword or spear LK

    What reclusio said is quite true, the reason why there are only a few guide about one handed lord knight is because it requires you to be well funded. Im talking about 2 megingjard, nibelungen (one hand sword like naght seiger twin sword is good enough), innate fire and water element forcing you to bring endow or elemental converter. One hand means no parrying, slower aspd to spam your bowling bash (unless you wanna drag your soul link slave for one hand quicken). But who cares?, right? One hand means you can wield shield, more redux, magic immunity, and many more. One hand sword lord knight is good, but it requires so much capital to be efficient.
  4. Mawanmeabeab2

    Assassin Cross discussion

    Yep, sry about that, im just talkin about the general aspect, but, boosting a sinx wouldnt hurt rite? I know, there are several factors to consider, but i want to see our server to be more active, end game is not about pvm only. Ps: you dont have to be on the same page with me, cheeers πŸ˜†
  5. Mawanmeabeab2

    Assassin Cross discussion

    Exactly, at this server, ppl will always go for sniper, why? Because only that class get the love, assasin cross is just an outcast. For me, i'd rather make the poison bottle available on npc (or at least the ingredients, as this will also reducing zeny flow on the server), and adjusting the dmg for edp boost for pvp, gvg, and woe (i'll leave pvm, to make sinx viable for mvp and farming choice outside of gefennia and sleeper). Sinx , right now is just a joke, not viable , unless you have too many cash to burn (and it is not that powerful too, even with all the boost), 1 or 2 hit from high end monster will surely knock us out cold.πŸ˜…
  6. Mawanmeabeab2

    TALONESIA, Guild Indonesia

    Coba ke payon gan, cari IzumiShion sniper Cmn rasanya ga gt aktif guildnya, ane kmrn sempat join, cmn out lg karena ga aktifπŸ˜†
  7. Mawanmeabeab2

    T>my Walking leopard cat cost = Protection Cloth Costume

    Double kill...triple kill...ownagee
  8. Mawanmeabeab2

    Question on Valk Helm

    Afaik, item id is what matters here, therefore refine rate, card, enchant doesnt matter
  9. Mawanmeabeab2

    how to recover the email address of my talonro account?

    Cant remember my old email account , thats why im trying to unify all my game account into 1 email account and another email for just business and work related. 😟 My hiatus on talon ro has been really long, so yeah , cant even remember the pass of my old email account 😒
  10. Mawanmeabeab2

    how to recover the email address of my talonro account?

    This happened to me as well, often, when we are on hiatus, we tend to forgot about the email or accounts details, sending a ticket is the best way, to avoid getting banned of multiple accounts.
  11. Mawanmeabeab2

    Bolter Champ Build

    Lightning probably from his headgear (thunderstorm something) Fire is autocast from alchemy's gloves
  12. As stated above, or any trading offer is also welcome, i will consider it πŸ˜†
  13. Mawanmeabeab2

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    For me, i just want the sqi and card update, because many cards is just plain useless right now (bio mvp card, evil snake, etc)
  14. Mawanmeabeab2

    TG/Kiel Carded Weapon for SC Pally

    Now you can rock your paladin class even more, as ppl will wondering how the heck you survive against horde of difficult enemies solo 😎