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  1. My advice, wear marduk carded mid, less weight (no need to bring green pot), silence could lead you to ur death. Reduce ur str and agi a little bit, you shld push your dex too, bowling bash can be spammed at faster rate with higher dex. And about your accesory, celeb ring might be the best atm, however spring rabbit or snowier card works too (you need marc or evil druid, if you gonna use snowier card). You have intimidate skill, just use it, if the situation gets worse, and lastly, do not overmob, the walk back is quite long.
  2. Just a reminder tho, calculator sometimes is not spot on, but yeah, krasnaya have more slot so its good for utility card (like doppel, sniper, kiel, phreoni, valk randgris, queen scaraba) For dmg alone, i prefer veteran sword and violet fear (especially with high str), but of course u can go nuts and put triple sg card or tg on krasnaya as well. You can check that thread...
  3. Id choose veteran sword myself, that sword hit harder than any other sword ( against low - non existent def of course). Its pricey, yeah, as it is not available through talon cash (hence rare), beside that sword can be used to spam bash skill as well. Plus , Krasnaya is not cheap too.
  4. Here, you can check this https://wiki.talonro.com/Vanilla_Mode
  5. Hi fat crit sniper 😎, how much for ur +8 blackwing?
  6. Yea, bowling bash with bow is superior, just learn when to switch from bow to shield, moreover, using bow means ur primary stat will be dex and agi (high aspd + hit rate + flee) everything u need for bowling bash type.
  7. It depends; for pvm basically ; 1.Melee physical dmg dealer : bowling bash ( either with sword , dagger or bow) 2. Caster : storm gust, ninja skill (crimson blossom, freezing spear, dragon fire, north wind), jupitel thunder. 3. Auto attack build: triple attack or good ol' double attack build. Thats the usual build for stalker,
  8. Afaik , hydra is easily farmed, prices range from 2-3m , however u are free to set ur price if there are noone else vend / sell it at the moment.
  9. They changed that too?? Well, Thats a bummer 😅
  10. As far as i know, holy cross does double dmg with 2 hand spear, you can try battle fork (4), for optimal carding.
  11. There is one time i got around 70 m ish during my 30 min play 😂, 1 rare weapon drop, 2 accesories and 1 card drop (i know its pure luck and lil bit absurd) , but yeah, shit happens sometime...
  12. Yea low rate vs high rate is always debatable, anyway, if its exp u're after, try majororus spot, deepest part of glast heim sewer, the mob density and exp is really high. You need water endow tho, or even better, area attack like grandcross (with sniper and kiel carded weapon), bring some recovery items to help sustain ur life, as most of them are fire element (grandcross deal significantly less dmg to water, but still ok to proc heal on ur char).
  13. Id recommend sting ( most of their rare drop is nice), with fire elemental swd, but beware of their quagmire. Any undead on tam tam map will be ok with fire elemental ( evil druid, zombie, wraith).
  14. Tbh, this is what i feel when i play at first (picked assasin as my first char), but now, making zeny is so much easier, when u know ur priority, and where to get it. About grinding, you shldnt join low rate if u dont want to grind. Even super high rate server requires u to grind, as all the items u need cost billions even hundred of billions to get (i came from shr server myself).
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