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  1. it wasnt a quote it was a post, but I get what you saying and I will do better ^_~
  2. since 2007 lol over 500 pages.... Does it ever truly end?
  3. Good Luck to all who entered! There are some really amazing stories up there and I say kudos to you all for your ability to tell a good story. Nothing but Love! ❤️
  4. I was keeping your spot warm ^_^



    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      Now it's damp and smelly. 

      Nice job! 

  5. Word Count about 1838 My In-game name is Ryu~Enki I went with the challenges for GMs Amor, Luna, & Neza I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Let's get a costume for the lower headgear item Gangster Scarf with different color options. The more we get behind this and other costume pieces with similar options the more likely GMs will make it happen!
  7. Appreciate y'all and thanks for the love!
  8. Been about 10 years since I played on the Earthbound server. I've decided to get back to it. Always nice meeting the wonderful people in the world of gaming. I'm a nerdy hippie that enjoys most genres of music, alot of games and of course the animes lol. I exist on this planet to spread positivity. Peace Love Unity and Respect to all my fellow Talonians! (~);} 👽😺💓
  9. Hello there! My character name is RyuEnki and this is my first time playing an RO since I played EarthboundRO about 10 years ago. I'm Starting off with an archer because it's the first class I went with in EBRO. gonna work way way up to sniper then probably gonna go for a monk. It kinda sucks starting fresh but I'm hoping to make some new friends and go on some fun adventures with you all! Feel free to add me if you wanna chat and help this Newb out! Nothing but Love! 💓
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