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                                          Demon Lord Ragnar
    This story begins as they often do with a couple of star crossed lovers bound together by the threads of fate. The protagonist Ragnar appeared one starry night under the light of a blood moon. He was found by a family of sea merchants floating adrift in vessel covered in ancient runes. The only readable words were Ragnar so that is what they decided to name him.

    His babyself was wrapped in a cloth that was warm to the touch and seemed made of a material unknown to the merchant. Sown into the fabric were similar runes to that of the vessel. He had eyes that reflected the color of the blood moon that night and hair as black as the night. A happy baby full of laughter.

    The family lived in the city of Moscovia down by the docks. They attended church weekly which is where he met his love Cespoir. Her parents were nobles and deeply religious. She was an altergirl at the time and had a voice that could bring even the strongest Boss monsters to their knees. Her hair was as silver like the blade of a sword and eyes shined bright as the moon. She immediately caught his attention. 

    When he got near her he felt a burning deep in his chest. Their eyes met and in that instant they both felt deja vu as if they had seen each other before. They were both around 7 when they met but always seemed much older than they were. The years passed their love grew. At the age of 16 Cespoir would sneak out late at night and meet with Ragnar. They'd talk of their dreams and plans for the future. 

    Ragnar wanted to travel the world and discover new places, creatures, and items to sell as he took over the family business. Cespoir wanted to bring people together with the love she felt for all living beings. She felt the path her parents had laid out for her was to restrictive and she wanted to travel with Ragnar on his adventures. She gave Ragnar an amulet of protection as sign of her love for him. One night as Cespoir was sneaking out she was caught by a guard. 

    Her parents sent her away to live in Rachel because they knew of the love her and Ragnar shared and did not approve. She was to join the church and start training to become the new High Priestess for the next Pope to be. Ragnar heartbroken by her parents actions had no idea where they sent her. He spent the next 10 years of his life searching for her as he explored Midgard. Vowing to one day hold his love again in his arms.

    His adopted parents were lost at sea during a storm one night and everything they owned was left to him. Now around the age 26 he had almost given up on finding Cespoir. It was at this time he was going through some of the storage of his parents when he discovered the vessel and cloth he was found in as a baby. He touch the cloth and felt the burning in his chest similar to the first time he saw Cespoir followed by a vision of Veins. Recognizing it as a sign he decided to set out.

    Upon arriving in Veins he met with a merchant who told him they had seen runes similar to what were on the cloth and vessel inside of Thor's Volcano above what appeared to be a sealed door in level three. So he gathered his men and the best equipment money could buy and set out to explore the volcano. As they approached the entrance to the Volcano they were met by a mysterious cloaked woman. The woman told Ragnar the path he was on was one of self-discovery and he would learn of his past and future very soon.

    She then faded away almost as if a vision. When asked, his men said they never saw anyone. This made Ragnar somewhat anxious but he pressed on. They fought their way through to level three where they found the door the merchant spoke of. Ragnar felt drawn to the door and when he touched it the runes around it lit up and the door opened as if  the first time in a millennia. He ordered his men to defend the door until his return.

    Inside the room was a throne made of a dragons skull. Upon the throne sat the preserved body of the Demon King. On his head a crown blazing of blue flames and in his hand was a scroll. As Ragnar approached he wondered how he was connected to this being. He looked into the eyes of the preserved king and had a vision of the past. It was a huge battle, one side was the demons and all the monsters they commanded, the other was humans aided by angels. Demons along with the monsters vastly outnumbered the angels and humans .

    The battle waged on for what seemed like decades to Ragnar and the the battlefield covered with bodies of the fallen. Until one day the King of the demons came into battle with a maiden who was born of human and angel Love. As their blades crossed Ragnar felt the burning in his chest again and suddenly the vision jumped forward a few years. He was now in a castle which appeared to belong to the Demon King. It was during a wedding between the King and the maiden. Uniting the differences between Humans, angels and demons. 

    Although not all among these three races were in agreement with this coupling. Not long after the wedding the maiden was poisoned and died. Seeing this, the burning in Ragnars chest intensified and another vision appeared. The King and his High Wizard were working on a reincarnation spell. They were successful in making it but it only worked on the deceased. After, they preformed the spell on the maidens body the king prepared for the future.

    First he dealt justice on those that poisoned the maiden. Afterwards he prepared for his own reincarnation. The wizard forged a vessel that could summon the king to the time of the maidens reincarnation. As well as a cloth to protect him and guide him to a family for help. Finally a Crown to hold his power and a Scroll to hold his memories. The king then had his wizard move and cloak his castle to look like a volcano and turn his army into statues on the lowest levels until he was ready to bring them back.

    With all the preparations ready he had the wizard make a potion to preserve his body and allow his soul to pass over. Then the wizard joined the army in petrification and the King sat on his throne and drank the potion. The vision ended and the burning in Ragnars chest subsided. He almost couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. With a heavy heart he removed the crown and scroll which caused the kings body to instantly disintegrate. He put the crown on his head and felt a rush of energy throughout his whole body then read the scroll and all the memories of his past life returned to him.

    At this moment he realized that Cespoir was the maiden from that time. Although he had the kings memories he was still himself. He returned to his men who were still defending the room. With a look he sent the monsters away. When his men saw him they were worried their leader had been destroyed by this demon king who was much larger than Ragnar and had eyes burning with fire. Wings that covered the length of his body and a crown of fire. 

    They prepared for battle to avenge their friend. Seeing their defensive behavior Ragnar realized his appearance and gone to that of his previous life. He quickly returned to his human form and explained what had happened to his men. They apologized to him and vowed to help him return to his love. Ragnar summoned his High Wizard and brought him up to speed with how things have changed in their absence as well as the situation with Cespoir. 

    The Wizard used a tracking spell on the amulet that Ragnar had from Cespoir. Now with the knowledge of her location he set out to be reunited with his love. He portaled to Rachel and met with High Priest Zhed who told him of the High Priestess that was recently appointed to the new Pope. He requested Ragnar speak with the Pope to hopefully cheer her up. With a letter of recommendation and 40 Glacial Hearts Ragnar was allowed to see the Pope. As he ascended to the top of the Popes office he laid eyes on the Pope and was suprised to find how young she was. 

    After talking to her about his adventures around Midgard he noticed Cespoir standing next to her. She was the High Priestess to the Pope. As her eyes met his he called out to her and she recognized him as well. As they embraced and then talked of how their lives  have changed they peaked the interest of the Pope. The Pope asked how they knew each other and Cespoir explained how they were in love as children and teenagers. Also how her parents sent her away when they learned of this. Ragnar then told her the whole reason he had been adventuring was mostly to find Cespoir again.

    Ragnar asked Cespoir to leave away with him and get married. Cespoir said reluctantly that she had her duties to the Pope. The Pope interjected that if Ragnar could bring her the last Unicorn in existence that Cespoir would be relieved of her obligations. She then told Ragnar of an all knowing creature named Tam Tam that knew of the location of the unicorn. Wasting no time Ragnar set on on his quest for the unicorn.

    He found Tam Tam in the Payon Region and asked about the Unicorn. Tam Tam told him it was found in Splendide Fields 3 but he would need a rare taming item to capture it. The Item was Rainbow Ice Cream which Tam Tam just so happend to have in storage. If Ragnar brought 1000 cursed Runes he could have it. Ragnar warped back to his castle knowing he had them stored there and retrieved the runes. Returning to Tam Tam he traded for the Rainbow Ice Cream and set out to find the Unicorn. 
    Finding the unicorn under a tall oak tree in Spledide Fields 3 he successfully tamed it with the ice cream and brought it back to the Pope. Overjoyed at the sight of the unicorn the Pope released Cespoir from her vows. Cespoir and Ragnar got married and had many exciting adventures. They brought all living beings together to live in peace and harmony.
                            ~FIN ❤️



    Word Count about 1838

    My In-game name is Ryu~Enki

    I went with the challenges for GMs Amor, Luna, & Neza

    I hope you enjoy it!

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