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  1. Class: Champ Ign: Goyu01 Or Class: Pally Ign: Goyu05
  2. Hi GM Lance, can you put us tentatively on july 15 3pm but if there would be an opening for 14th July 5pm Server Time we would love to take that slot. Sorry for the trouble.
  3. Hi GM Lance June 21 Slot 2 [ Open ] 3pm Server Time
  4. 4th june 4pm & If possible to also get another slot 3rd june 3pm, if someone wants to get the slot of june 3 3pm we will skip june 3 3pm, it means we would only go to 4th june 4pm if that's the case. Thank you GM Lance
  5. June 13 4pm, Thank you!
  6. May 24th 4pm server time
  7. The best leecher in the server
  8. can we get may 8 2:30pm and may 15 3pm server time
  9. April 19 3pm server time
  10. Beta slot 2 april 3 April 6 slot 2
  11. Slot 4 [ Open ] 3pm Server Time Party Name "Amatsu Casuals"
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