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  1. Hi, stalactic sold. Valk shoes 450k each
  2. Hi. 3m for the card Hi. pm me on Hugh Jazz Beach please, im online right now
  3. UPPER HG MIDDLE HG LOWER HG +4 Egg Shell Kaho Baphomet Horns Bone Hat [Gemini-S58] Ignis Cap [Gemini-S58] Mythical Lion Mask [Gemini-S58] Deviruchi Headphones [Stalactic] +5 / +7 Feather Beret Aegir Helm [1] +8 Helm [1] Deporte Doll Hat [1] Hermose Cap [1] 2x Pope Doll Hat [1] Skull Cap [1] 2x Sorin Doll Hat [1] Sprout Hat Pink Beanie 3x Pirate Bandana Sheila Hairnet Ribbon Wizard Hat Campus Festival Hat Angel Wing Ears [0] Blue Heart Eyepatch [0] Pink Heart Eyepatch [0] Cyclops Eye [Gemini-S58] (STR) Elven Ears [Marduk] (AGI) Dark Blinder [Stalactic] (INT) 2x Red Glasses [0] 3x Scuba Masks 2x Robo Eye [0] Odin Mask Black Framed Glasses [0] Screw Stuck in Head [0] Carrot in Mouth Cold Breath Mr. Smile Bell Pirate Dagger Spiked Scarf Gent Pipe ARMORS SHIELDS FOOTGEARS +4 Dragon Vest [Bathory] [Hit+12 & Flee+6] Coat [Porcelio] +2% ASPD +4 Silk Robe [Bathory] [Dex+2] +4Aebecee Wind Armor [Marc] Odins Blessing [1] [Int+3 / Luk+3 / Vit+3] +4 Odins Blessing [Garm] [Def+4] +7 Odins Blessing [Evil Druid] 9x Ebone Armor [1] 2x Formal Suit [1] Formal Suit [1] [Agi+3] Glittering Jacket [1] Lords Clothes [1] Silk Robe [1] [Int+3] 2x Sprint Mail [1] Thief Clothes [1] [Luk+3] Claytos Earth Armor [1] +4 Valkyrie Shield [Tirfing / Thara Frog] +4 Stone Buckler [Medusa] Strong Shield [Thara Frog] +7 Stone Buckler [1] 3x Buckler [1] +4 Diablos Boots [Gold Acidus] Diablos Boots [1] +7 Sandals [Dark Lord / GEC] +4 Shoes [Eddga] 2x Sprint Shoes [1] 4x Tidal Shoes [1] 4x Valkyrie Shoes [1] 2x Vidar's Boots WEAPONS ACCESSORIES GARMENTS Kris [Fabre] [Def+7] +4 Combat Knife [Int+4] +4 Bazerald [Spell 1 Dex+1] +4 Caesars Sword +5 Ultimate Pickaxe +7 Great Pickaxe +4 Brocca [Agi+2 FS4] +5 Gale Bow [Drainliar] +7 Book of the Dead [2xOrc Skeleton] [Agi+6] +8 Book [3x Orc Skeleton] 2x Desert Twilight [2] 2x Fortune Sword Grand Cross [0] Green Whistle [1] Gungnir Katar of Frozen Icicle [0] Katar of Piercing Wind [0] 2x Katar of Quaking [0] Katar of Raging Blaze [0] Krieg Dagger [3] Kris [1] [Crit+8 / Def+5 / Def+4 Agi+2 / Str+4] 2x Laphine Staff 2x Light Epsilon 2x Luna Kaleet 3x Staff of Recovery 2x Clip [Berzebub] Ring [Horong] Ring [Smokie] 3x Bradium Earring [Zerom] Bradium Brooch [Errende Ebecee] Necklace [Errende Ebecee] 2x Cursed Hand [Kukre] Clip [Marine Sphere] Bow Thimble [0] Bradium Earring [1] 2x Cursed Hand [1] Eye of Dullahan Linen Glove [1] Pocket Watch +7 Manteau [Deviling] +4 Diablos Manteau [Noxious] +4 Diablos Manteau [Deviling] +4 Dragon Manteau [Magmaring] +4 Heavenly Maiden Robe [Punk] +4 Muffler [Frilldora] CARDS COSTUMES Ambernite Ancient Mummy Andre Andre Egg Anopheles Antique Firelock Anubis Argiope 2x Argos 2x Assaulter 2x Beholder Bigfoot Bow Guardian Xmas Cookie Comodo Cookie Dokebi Draco 4x Drainliar Drops 3x Eremes Guile Fabre 5x Flora 2x Geographer Giearth Goblin Gremlin Gullinbursti 2x Hill Wind 2x Horn Hornet 6x Hydro Increase Soil Isilla Khalitzburg Knocker 2x Kraben Kukre 4x Leib Olmai Magnolia Majoruros Mandragora Marduk Marin Metalling 2x Metaller Minorous 2x Muka Mummy Myst Case 3x Necromancer 3x Observation 2x Orc Skeleton Peco Peco 2x Picky 3x Plasma Poporing Raydric Archer 2x Red Ferus Red Novus Rocker Santa Poring 4x Scaraba Sedora Seeker Siroma 3x Snowier Swordfish 2x Tamruan Tarou 2x The Paper Vadon Venomous Willow 2x Wooden Golem Wraith 3x Yoyo Zipper Bear Brown Winter Scarf 3x Yellow Winter Scarf Blue Winter Scarf Straight Blue Winter Scarf Straight Green Winter Scarf Red Waving Winter Scarf Shelter Wing Ears (M) Mad Hatter (U+M) Wing Headphone (U) Rhythm Headphones (U) Silk Black Cat Hat (U) White and Black Temptation (U) Fantastic Wig (U) Seraphim Coronet (M) Bell Pigeon (M) Gemini Red Eyes 2x (M) Blue Rear Ribbon 2x (L) Kobold Archer Cap (U) Pumpkin-Head (U) Strawberry Hat 4x (U) Angel Marcher Hat (U) Libra Diadem (U) Sombrero (U) Flying Galapago (L) Chain Puppet 2x (U) Jeje Cap 2x (U) Sunglasses (M) Carrot in Mouth (L) Zherlthsh Doll (U) Mine Hat (U) Celestial Circle (U)
  4. I just recently availed their service. What can I say... Its the best as you can get from DG leechers PROs at their roles and not to mention a really friendly atmosphere all throughout the leech WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 10/10 ❤️
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