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  1. adam76

    Kulon's little shop

    Thx , now sell it on the market for 38m
  2. adam76

    Kulon's little shop

    Hi.... Do you think is possible your Deviant diablos manteau for 33m?
  3. Thanks, I'm sure iduna will be a success
  4. Hi everyone, it's been almost two months since the opening of this post, I saw that there are other gunslingers who would like to have the introduction of the "Western rental outlaw" gun, I hope this post can be answered by the GMs, to understand if is possible or not. I understand that you are very busy with the iduna project and I will be really happy to participate, but if you find a moment I would be happy if you answered me
  5. thanks for the quick reply, I waiting the news of Idujna, i enjoy the server
  6. Thx for the reply, but on talonro I can't find item or card for gunslinger to reduce after cast delay. Can you help me with this task?
  7. Hi everyone, in the while the GM introduce Rental Western Outlaw (i hope),I'm trying to understand how rapid shower casting time works and its cast delay. on http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&skid=515 says that the cast time is instantaneous and the cast delay is 1 sec pre-renewal, so the Dex and Agi don't affect this skill, is it true? or with 150 to Dex and 190 Aspd can improve the overall speed of the skill. The question is Rapid shower can become spammable?
  8. I would like to try to buy some items in Mora, but I don't know how to have Mora coins. could anyone help me? Thank you
  9. I'm sorry I touched your feelings. this is a game and I play it as a game, so even my requests are playful even if they have a valid basis. I hope those who manage this server can evaluate my request, to insert the object "rental western outlaw" id 13109. the "rental" objects are by their definition provisional and have, in my opinion, the purpose of testing the potential of a weapon to then elaborate a definitive one. I hope in a reply from GM or a manager, thanks
  10. Dear GM, i use the gunslinger like my first character (because my wife have steal my crusa, with all my equipT.T) please introduce rental gun for this lonely gunslinger....
  11. i looking for a rental wasteland outlaw , but i don't found it. is my mistake or this item left in the rental talonro item? is possible insert in the rental item?
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