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  1. Hmm i not only mean voting sites.. Maybe facebook/insta shares/etc for copper coins so it would be everyday Just add more voting _options_
  2. Hello. I played here for a month, and i pretty sure TRo is really well balanced, friendly community and fun server. Thank GMs for their work ! As i know, it's best online here from all pre-renewal servers (i entered iRo just to see online and it was about 700 ppl there..) So, how we can attract more people to join us ? I think we can add some more websites for voting list. For example russian: https://top-mmogames.ru/servera-ragnarokonline/ http://mmorpglive.ru/ragnarok.html I know that RO isn't popular now, but there are plenty of old players that can join TRo when see it.. Maybe someone can suggest some more voting servers. And it would be easier to start, if you have more voting points.
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