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  1. Oh just get rental ballista as fast as you can and farm Gonryun. Why ? You don't have GEC to farm things with DS. If you save in Gonryun, you just go 1 map north, farm until sp ends, go back with butterfly wing, use doctor, and go again Peach trees die from 2 shots.. You can get from 500 to 10500 from each mob so it's about 1-3m/hour there even with hunter
  2. It would be awesome i think even w/o rewards
  3. zerotheoreme

    BG team choose

    Give opportunity to choose which team to join in Bg (remove random) 1)You can play mini-GvG (as i know, random is main reason why Woe guilds do not go to BG) 2) Often happens that team looks like: "Pally Creo Champ Champ Bolter Prof" vs "Priest SL Taekwon Ninja and FS prof" so NO chances to win... 3)You can play with your friend vs enemy. What if team "give" victory to other ? In worstest way they can obtain BG equip that is not tradeble, and usual items often better then BG equip, so no OP with that. Or have a GM that will sometimes look on what's happening on BG.. And just ban bad guys for few days Pleaaaaaaase Think about it.. I know TRo is not PvP server, but it so well balanced, so i hope all other RO players will join us someday and we can have insane fan
  4. zerotheoreme

    BG coins

    Oh well, it's bad that other people suffer from cheaters =( Maybe just add some special prizes to BG ? Like slot machine at Eden... If you win you can get random food item, for example .
  5. zerotheoreme


    Idea to have @duel command for bonus bundle. for example : @duel @Boreas -> and you write @accept or @decline .. when you accept, PvP starting between us (maybe some special maps for it).. Why we need it ? It's the only possibility to fight 1v1 on diffirent map, because in any PvP/BG areas will be someone else ..
  6. zerotheoreme

    BG coins

    But even with cheating you can't get more then 2m/hour.. And i don't really imagine how to make random people team cheat with that =9
  7. zerotheoreme

    BG coins

    Hello, world. What if we make BG items tradeable ? I really don't like PvM. Don't like that farming, farming, farming. If i want some zeny to get gear, i should do it (or donate, of course) But what if i can exchange BG coins to zeny ? Buy cards, gear (not only BG), that can be sold to other players.. More people on BG (currently maximum that i saw was @20, maybe less) Don't think it will change game balance or make BG players OP, but give some more pleasure from playing. Or just make pure coin-to zeny exchange (for exampe : middle level of raw zeny farming is about 2m/hour, 1 BG round is @20 minutes, and gives 30 coins for winning.. So it's about 100 coins total (loose+win) in hour maximum. ) What if we have ability to exchange them to raw zeny ? For example 10k for valorous and 20k for glory coins ? No new mechanics, just change selling price from [0] to [another]. Thank you
  8. Hmm i not only mean voting sites.. Maybe facebook/insta shares/etc for copper coins so it would be everyday Just add more voting _options_
  9. Hello. I played here for a month, and i pretty sure TRo is really well balanced, friendly community and fun server. Thank GMs for their work ! As i know, it's best online here from all pre-renewal servers (i entered iRo just to see online and it was about 700 ppl there..) So, how we can attract more people to join us ? I think we can add some more websites for voting list. For example russian: https://top-mmogames.ru/servera-ragnarokonline/ http://mmorpglive.ru/ragnarok.html I know that RO isn't popular now, but there are plenty of old players that can join TRo when see it.. Maybe someone can suggest some more voting servers. And it would be easier to start, if you have more voting points.
  10. 1. Date of leech: 15.04.19 2. Name of leecher: Pain ~ 3. Price and Duration: 800k for high mage job 45-50 +1 bonus base lvl lol 4. Map of Leech: Thor 5. Experience Gained: 45-50 job 6. Friendliness: 5/5 7. Professionalism: 5/5 8. Effectiveness: 5/5 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes, was fast and easy. XP gears included 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: 100% worth, leeched with SG
  11. 1. Date of leech: 13.04.19 2. Name of leecher: blaze420 - forum name (~HW Ashley) - IGN 3. Price and Duration: 4m for 2 high aco job 35-50, done lesser than in 30 minutes 4. Map of Leech: Thor 5. Experience Gained: 35-50 job 6. Friendliness: 5/5 7. Professionalism: 5/5 8. Effectiveness: 5/5 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes, was fast and easy. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Yeah, saved lot of my time
  12. Hello ! Need some SQI loot ? Be free to order it from me ! Fair prices. IGN * Ged * , send ingame mail or write in Discord den4ik#4032
  13. Bradium Brooch[sting]+1m to Bradium earring[Sting] Need 2.
  14. I will add some zeny for exchange.. My items are on the left side Bradium brooch[Sting] to Bradium Earring[Sting] x2 Dragon Manteau[Dragon Tail] to Dragon Manteau[Stem Worm] Elven Bow +7 [empty] to Elven Bow +7 [TG] +20mill' Connect via Discord or PM here Or Ingame * Ged * den4ik#4032
  15. Selling or trade: Rideword hat[vanberk] D.Vest[Kavach Icarus] Emperium Emperium Anvil Oridecon Anvil PM here or IGN mail to * Ged *
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