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  1. This is what a Perfect guide looks like! I wish @Mosjoandy would make a guide like this for every class! But i can only imagine the amount of time and knowledge it takes to make one of these masterpieces! Writing these kinds of guides could be a full time job!
  2. @Colcactus Thanks you for the advice, but im super new players, i probably only am worth a total of 15mil. i cant dream of hitting those stats.
  3. Thank you for all the advice! i think im going to hold off on the sage tho. Doesnt really seem like RO is all that balanced.
  4. Have any suggested party compositions for a group of 5 players? I'd prefer to play a DPS sage. A tank, sage, soul linker, Aoe dps and priest?
  5. Looking at the starter gear section, do you think this guide is viable for brand new players that have no Zeny? You said sages also are not recommend for parties. I'm playing with a group of 5, so would a sage be a bad idea? What if one of my friends play a Soul Linker?
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