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  1. xRana


    Updated the link.
  2. This is amazing, good luck guys ❤️
  3. May 24th slot2 3pm Thanks
  4. Is there a reason why does talonro change mvp respawn durations ? And why isn't it documented on patch changes? Is it illegal or maybe not recomanded to share the current mvp respawns durations ? And I want to know if it's alright to use mvp trackers. Thanks
  5. xRana

    2-man ET Guide

    Solo with 6 client.
  6. xRana


    Sure!! Feel free to pay us a visite on splendide when feel like it ❤️
  7. I'm re-watching my favorites too, but currently I'm watching snk, opm and rewatching re-creator 😄
  8. xRana


    Yes 😄
  9. Watching anime ❤️ Welcome aboard, I hope you will enjoy your stay.
  10. Lovely arts❤️ Hahha that 1 minute later 😂!
  11. xRana


    Hello everyone! We are Landers aka people of the land, we are meant to be npcs, native people of the game. But... not like any ordinary ones, we are npcs that derived from the script 😅. Some adventurers might refer to us as npcs with souls. Reference : http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/People_of_the_Land We are a small guild from splendide, either you're new to the game or already had enough of runs you're very welcome. We usually do a bit of everything. Most of runs aren't scheduled, we go whenever members ready No restriction on organizing or joining runs No timezone since we are all from different places Only 2 rules on discord (to discover when you join) ❤️ Thank you ❤️ Discord: https://discord.gg/UQ4J78Q City: Splendide Timezone: N/A Race: Npc
  12. Wow this is awesome! ❤️clowns/bards
  13. Hello @GM Lance, I would like to mention that @Sinshine passed the party organization to me, it's the one on May 14th, Slot 1 (3pm) Thanks,
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