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  1. Glad to be of help, Myo
  2. Hi there Myo, welcome to TalonRO. you've bumped to a wonderful server ! hope you'll be having a good and great time playing with us. Archer is one of the best starter classes and you made the right choice taking that path. well for gears, the server provides free basic starter gears under Eden group. those gears are good of use till mid-gaming levels or prolly untill you've saved enough for a GEC footgear. GEC btw is one of the most essential gears here since it offers you 100 HP/SP replenishment per 10 secs. perfect for skill spammers like Archer. If you do have some questions regarding the game, don't be shy to ask us at #main ingame or via talonRO discord and rest assured,we will answer as accurate as po ssible Happy grinding and Goodluck out there, see you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon. Best Regards, Lee
  3. Hello Teppie ! welcome to TalonRO !, You surely bumped to a wonderful server filled with amazing players and helpful community. Here we also offer that WoE experience that you are looking for. Still can't get enough of bloodbath ? you can also check out our newly " renovated " Battlegrounds to keep that adrenaline rush pumping ! If you ever have questions , feel free to ask us at either #main chat ingame or at the Discord Channel. Hope you'll be having a great time here with us. See you around Rune-Midgard ! Best Regards, Lee
  4. L e e


    wonderful name
  5. hi there Niji, welcome to the server ! hope you'll be having a great time here with us. Feel free to ask us either at #main ingame or at ther server's Discord channel. See you around Prontera! Best Regards, Lee
  6. L e e


    no worries, I'll gladly help you with some stuffs. what is your IGN btw?
  7. Hi there , Welcome to talonRO. you've bumped to a wonderful server filled with friendly and amazing community. Hope to see you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon man. Cheers ! PS : Protect your belongings from those porings !
  8. Hello there Syno ! hope you're having a great time with us here !
  9. L e e


    Hello @Raynn, Welcome to TalonRO. If you ever have some questions dont be shy to ask us either on #main ingame or on the Discord Server and we will answer / give you advices as accurate as possible. Glad you made it here on a wonderful server, See you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon !
  10. L e e

    Hello, Main ~

    hahaha please dont kidnap me Gowther /heh anyways, hope to see you around in-game soon ! /no1 Yes @Ghaspar haha I've been having so much fun grinding past few months since I started here that I totally forgot making an intro bout myself hahaha . I hope to see you around too in game, I wanna ask for some advice from you regarding on our class hehe . See you soon man ! 👍 PS : Age is just a number 😁
  11. L e e

    Hello, Main ~

    wonderful times indeed Radius. hehe Thank you !
  12. L e e

    Hello, Main ~

    Thank you GM Lance ! looking forward to more events from you and the rest of the tRO Staff ! :D
  13. Hi there !, my name is Lee. I've been around on this server for a few months already but I just had the courage to make an Introduction about me Facts about me : - a noob at #main. - I'm a 25 year old player from the Philippines. - currently working for the government of my country. - loves porings, lunatics and fabres ( like come on, who wouldn't love such adorable monsters pets ? ) TalonRO actually introduces me to a whole new low-rate experience since I've been playing RO on diffirent high-rate servers since I was on 6th grade. At first the experience is quite bloody and hard as what I've been used to but later on, it gave me a diffirent kind of fun and enjoyment. You can usually see me hanging around Geffen, Yuno, Umbala, Midgard Camp, Eden HQ and sometimes at Prontera having some random conversations with friends and random newbies who pass by and needs help. Some notable Players whom I liked to thank for helping me and teaching me the basics when I was starting ( well up till now haha ) - Za Fashion Police ( the very first player who adopted me and teached me the basic features of this server. If you need help when starting out as a newbie, feel free to find her and hopefully she'll ask you to be a member of her training guild, Little Smiles. ) - Underpower ( second player who, like Momma Za also taught me the basics. also gives me motivating words to keep my farming mood pumping. ) - Frostheart ( Guild leader of the guild I dreamt of being a part since I started here ( and is now a part of it yay ! ), Crimson. Teached me how to push my limits specially when it comes to instances like GMC and ET. also taught me how to improve my teamplay skills by letting me play support classes and not just focusing on my main which is a Whitesmith. I would also like to give a shoutout of appreciation to the following people who also made my current guild really, really wonderful and exciting ! - Nymphia - Lieca - Uncle Ngards - Wendy - Clay - Lodia - Winterfallen - Red - Loi - Dannybee - Hearty - Zed - Maikiyoh - Jeffrey Thank you guys ! I really learned alot by having runs together with you A special thanks too for the TalonRO GM Staffs for the neverending dedication on the server improvements! Also for the upcoming newbies, don't be shy to ask the community if ever you have troubles with something. We will answer those questions of yours as accurate as possible. I'm also giving a pair of elemental weapons for the newbies as welcoming gift. Kindly ping me on Discord ( L e e (リー)#9907 ) or look for me at #main in-game. Cheers to another decade more in TalonRO Best Regards, - Lee PS : hope the signature generator gets fixed. I want to add my other characters here and update my look xD
  14. welcome aboard man, hope to see you around at Rune-Midgard anytime soon ! /no1
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