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  1. Hello Guppy, welcome to the server ! If ever you need some assistance, hope you can join us here at Little Smiles guild ! We aim to help newbies either on the game or just on the server. Hope you will be having a great time here with us ! See you around Prontera Best Regards,
  2. Welcome to the server Lya! Hope you'll he having a great time herw. See you around Prontera soon !
  3. Welcome back ! Hope to see you around Rune-Midgard soon !
  4. L e e

    SinX veteran

    Hello, i'm starting out as a SinX for Geffenia, can you give me some tips about the gears and stats I shud have ? As of now, I have these following items * Lord Kaho Horn * Eyeglasses [ BK ] STR+1 * Dragon Vest [ Bathory ] / Dragon Vest [ Evil Druid ] VIT+3 * Dragon Manteau [ Deviling ] * Sleipnir [ Edgga ] / Boots [ GEC ] * Ice Pick AGI +3 / Fighting Spirit Lv.5 * Celebrity Ring x1 * Brad. Brooch [ Sting ] * Pirate Dagger * Excalibur STR+1 / ASPD +3% ( borrowed from a friend ) Also, would like to know how the SBK really works, and does it have anyways to make it Instant cast same way goes to the MA. And what enchant should I go for, I have read another guide that states she is using Icepick and Excalibur both enchanted with Fighting Spirit, thus making me more confused whether should I go looking for the Fighting spirit alone, or STR / DEX or a combination of both. Such help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you ! PS : Im not Flexing my gears, I used to be a Vampsmith fanboy but I wanted to explore greener pastures and picked the SinX path
  5. L e e

    I'm back!

    Welcome back ! Hope to see you around Rune-Midgard soon
  6. L e e

    Hi there

    Welcome to TalonRO ! Hope you'll be having a great time here with us ! If you need a newbie friendly guild, come join us at Little Smiles. We focus on helping beginners be it on the server or the game itself. See you around Rune-Midgard !
  7. Welcome here at TalonRO server ! Hope you'll be having a wonderful time here with us See you around Rune-Midgard
  8. Welcome to Talon RO chinx ! If you are in need of a newbie friendly guild, I do hope you can join us here at Little Smiles. We offer help to newbies either to this server or to the gam itself. Anyways, Have fun here and see you around Rune-Midgard
  9. L e e

    Hi people :D

    Hello, hope you have fun here. See you around mate
  10. L e e

    Hello :)

    See you around tact ! Have fun on this awesome server
  11. L e e


    Oh cool, didnt knew DEX also works like STR in terms of multiplier stuff. Thank for this tip too !
  12. L e e


    Hello ! Is blitzer build here a good idea over the DS one ? Im kinda lazy to spam DS and I really liked how my falcon goes crazy pecking the mob most of the time Please do enlighten me
  13. Hello ! Im currently looking for a Celebration Ring which is sold for around 38m - 39m Kindly Message me ingame at, ItsLee Thank you!
  14. Before it was but now its haha
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