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  1. Thank you all for the replies(:
  2. Thank you, @GM Rahl! Thank you See you online(:
  3. So Tired. /yawn

    Wish I had the energy to Grind, tonight. Might just go watch some Bleach and sleep. /sigh

    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Cheering you on~ /ene rest is good too.

    2. GhostringTV


      Thanks, @GM Mikzie! Yeah, I needed the rest /ok

      Had a long day at work, yesterday. Tonight, I'll be grinding /no1

  4. Thanks for the correction, I fixed it.
  5. You're welcome! If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask! Going to leave this here: TalonRO Wiki (Very Helpful) Little Smiles is here to help! Thanks to Za Fashion Police
  6. Hello, @Bogzman. Welcome to TalonRO! Hope you enjoy your stay! I am also a newcomer! Joined May 5th This should help you: The Eden Group [Resource / Guide] Here are some of the rewards you obtain while completing steps of the Eden Quests First: Second: Third: Hope this has helped!(: Enjoy TalonRO and good luck!
  7. Hey! Welcome to TalonRO! I am also a newcomer to TalonRO Recommended: I found this link to be extremely helpful when trying to figure out the Reward System of TalonRO: Reward System Walkthrough This one also shines some light on the Reward System: Server Features (Scroll down to the middle of the page) Here's a quick pic: How to Build up Talon Coins: Remember to Vote!: Vote Here (Recommended) [20CC Every 24 Hours(8CC/12h+4CC/24h] TamTam's Gift (Recommended) [Not sure on drop rate] MVPing (Recommended) [Get 2 Reward Tickets - Converts to 2 Copper Coins] Bingo (Recommended) [I think 60CC per game] Monster Races (Never tried) TalonRO Lottery (Never tried) How does Talon Coins help New Players?: Talon Coins gives New Players a fair chance at playing vs Donators. Talon Coins help stabilize the Economy. Preventing Cards/Items from hitting irrational prices. Allows Solo Players the chance of obtaining difficult items. Comments: Since I am new, I am also under the assumption that since the Server is 12 (-/+) years old, most likely there are some insanely geared players out there. But, I believe the economy has been fair, so far. I'm already working towards getting my GEC I also believe there are some Players out there with 100s of Talon Coins, or the capability of converting CC/Zeny into hundreds of Talon Coins (My assumption, never confirmed). But, I think that as a new player, I have had a fair chance of getting good items via buying from player vendors, trading with players, and had a fair try at the market by selling my own items to players. I think the Talon Coins and the Economy exchange of CC to TC were designed to keep the economy balanced and stable. This, in my opinion, has been great for new players. PvP & WoE: I have not yet played PvP and WoE in TalonRO so I don't have much to say about this:P I'm sure there are some insanely powerful players, though >.< Contributors: Check other comments for original Contributions. @Azgrim - [20CC Every 24 Hours(8CC/12h+4CC/24h]
  8. Notice anything different? /no1


  9. I've seen a couple. Grant it, they were high rate and recognized as "fun" servers (regardless of it being fun or not) where you didn't need to put an effort into anything. Odds of it being here is very low. But, thought it would be worth checking since my job lvl is 43
  10. Hello, I am wondering if this works You reach job level 40 You change jobs to 2-1, 2-2 jobs including rebirthed (Knight/LordKnight/Hunter/Sniper, etc.) Go to reset NPC Reset your skills When you reset your skills you gain the skill points you didn't obtain from reaching job lvl 50 So, in the end, you will have all the skills points that would end up with regardless of reaching job lvl 50 during 1st Job (swordsman/archer/acolyte, etc.) Just wondering if this works or not.
  11. Ahh, okay. I see, thank you @DoucheEnrique! I agree with the database on the control panel is a lot more reliable! Saves some time, too. Also, thank you for the price check. I will most likely wait before buying a VVS Damascus.
  12. Thank you for the information. A further question, is 850,000z too much for the Damascus? Picture taken: 5/18/2019 @8:10PM EST Thank you. I was struggling with figuring out how to find these items. Didn't realize I could do the @ws idhere and it would show me regular and elemental weapon prices. Picture taken: 5/18/2019 @8:17PM EST
  13. I've watched a few episodes of One Punch Man but I don't think I've watched Attack on Titans if that's the snk. I've recently re-watched; Sword Art Online, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin. Now, I'm watching the episodes of Bleach I've never watched, before.
  14. Hello, I am looking for the Price Check of a "Very Very Strong Wind Two-Handed Sword" Similar to this one: Item Name:+5 Very Strong itsLee's Fire Two-Handed Sword/ID:1157 I am also interested in: Very Very Strong Wind Damascus Elemental Claymore
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