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  1. 4/2/2020 Update:: Riku Dola From No Game No Life: Zero. Something of a hypothetical emotional wasteland where Riku feels like he's asking angels to die for him when he orders his men to die in desperate situations.
  2. 2/18/2019 Update: Ser Mew Inspired by Lake's design on Ser Viette's pally. My original image was a little less magical, but playing with brushes and flowers kind of...well, get flowery. I do also have a bunch of doodles I haven't updated but unless I'm really up for it or there's popular demand, I will be neglecting to upload them as there is...quite a bit on this thread already.
  3. Been...a little while. Lady Mina's characters as in the first post, Märchen and Heidina, wandering without purpose together. One perhaps in love, the other...just lost. So I realized from my own thread posting everything into the first post is...a really bad idea when things start to pie up so...just going to post a new one.
  4. Sorry posted on the wrong thread...can I delete this post?
  5. 1/2/2020 Update: I'm a sucker for male HPs XD Shirobonn/Sniper Sensei's HP, Kabayaka 💘
  6. They're beautiful ;w; *shuffles hand around in empty wallet with holes*
  7. 12/21/2019 Update: Someone asks me the difference between the 2 Cons' One is infinitely more tortured by yours truly, that's all 💓 I just kind of play the other one
  8. For his story? I'll tell you all about it if you want 💓
  9. 12/17/2019 Update: AnnaRC and I splurged on costumes Another guildie victim and can't draw what's in my head properly...
  10. I'm a bit confused about including the temperatures. Do we have to create a recipe from scratch for this? O.O
  11. XDD Thanks! FOR THE AKRAB FANCLUBBB!!! ❤️❤️❤️ *waves flag and throws confetti* Thank you! 💖
  12. 12/6/2019 Update: Battle Professor Akrab (full color) and don't forget that seeing baby leopard, Rajah! *bows* Thank you for all your inspiration and help, @theakrabb 😂 @Brisha Thanks for all the proofreading help ❤️
  13. 12/3/2019 Update: Brainstorm - Akrab side story (my version! Not canon!)
  14. Oh wow. That mouth does look better o_o it looks amazing. I really love the colors you put into your pictures though, you should at least be very proud of that ❤️❤️
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