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  1. LOL that's the Abbey God, it won't let you have him XDDDD Omg this. Too cute. Too mischievous. Too. Much. *faints again*
  2. Oh wait. *Puts down your Con picture of perfection* MY art? You mean this thing? (Sorry on phone can't rotate lmao)
  3. *takes it out and gets a nosebleed explosion looking at it*
  4. Moar. Moar! *throws pompoms into air * 🤩😍❤️
  5. 9/25/2019 Update: GM Blackstar Because even a GM can be my town victim. Thanks for staying still and modeling for me!
  6. 9/25/2019 Update: Battle Professor Akrab Battle Prof Akrab >D A very fascinating character with a very rich story ❤️ thanks for the inspiration! 😄
  7. Yus. Moooaaarr. In game character: Wereion Attire/Outfit: High Wizard uniform, he wears the Power of Thor headgear costume. Feel free to take liberties like you did with Con! :DD (sorry please take out the glasses, I didn't realize they were there when I screenied) Preferred facial expression: He's calm, bit of a klutz, but wise and enjoys watching people. An artist always with a sketchbook afking in town XD Preferred Background: Leave up to you -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your avatar of my other character also inspired a sketch I made at work. If only I had more time...this was super rushed I love your pic sooooo muuuuucchhh 💓 THANK YOU AGAIN 😍
  8. OMGGG I LOVE YOU. I MEAN IT. HIM. *spasms in a pile of hearts* It's perfect. I think you even got the personality hidden underneath right already. But holy cow that is ridiculously fast. Did you draw this all from scratch? THANK YOU ❤️❤️
  9. Omg treasure found 😍 In game character: Conscendo Attire/Outfit: Male High Priest uniform, ironed and professional looking but chest showing like the original. He's wearing a Dark Blinder and Dress Hat. He also wears a golden pendant in the form of the Eye of Ra. Please feel free to add other things to the costume you feel matches the atmosphere! Preferred facial expression: Solemn, faithful Preferred Background: Cursed, dark church/monastery or religious altar kind of place Thank you so much~~~
  10. D'awwww thank you Evaaa I love it 💘 And lmao, I literally just drew your SG the other night because she was so cute 🤣 Can't wait to see her drawn by the next person here!
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