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  1. IGN: Conscendo I might just be a masochist for doing 3 entries but sqi stuff made me fantasize the scenes a lot 😂 ENTRY #1 of 3 Challenges (Drafts, lineart etc) ENTRY #2 of 3 Challenges (Draft, lineart, etc.) ENTRY #3 of 3 - by Satomi's request Challenges Drafts, lineart etc in spoiler)
  2. I'm a bit confused about including the temperatures. Do we have to create a recipe from scratch for this? O.O
  3. IGN: Conscendo GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey - Jakk's replacement for the candy bag GM Lance Challenge () Include an MVP - Gioia about to Meteor Storm the hell out of everyone, because they trespassed into his territory. GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) - he stole Creed and Mikzie's bag of candies GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves - Straight Winterscarf Jetblack GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon - background
  4. LAST MINUTE ENTRRYYYY---*can't stop and crashes into cardboard boxes, hack, cough---* IGN: Conscendo I blame work.
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