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  1. hey, thank you very much for the tips, time to browse me some threads
  2. Hey! I'm kind of new to TalonRO, been playing since a couple of weeks and am looking to sink time and money (which i obviously don't have) into one farming character, but I'm facing some problems deciding, hence I'm hoping someone with more experience can give me pointers. I'm a painfully casual player but this is what I currentyl have: 1. aco slave (needs to be lvled to priest, but agi+bless maxed) 2. endow sage (same here but enough to endow) 3. alchemist for selling stuff 4. soul linker (again needs leveling but enough just to link, not married - single life for me, single life for my chars ) 5. HW - main character so far 6. Priest lvl 84, hoping to trans him soon but don't know into what (he's probably going be the designated farmer) 7. Rogue lvl 71, thought i'd farm with him but i'm kind of lost now 8. Hunter lvl 81, same as above 9. Assassin lvl 61, same as above 10. Knight lvl 73, another attempt at farming Gear that i have at my disposal (don't laugh it's not much, but it's honest work :P) - Apple of Archer - Sandals - Gargoyle Card - Spiritual Ring & +5 Soul Staff combo - +5 Burning Bow - Katar of Quaking - +5 Two-Handed Sword - Pantie + Undershirt - Goibne's Set - Odin's Blessing - Butterfly Hairpin - Cards: Eggyra, Wraith, Skeleton Prisoner, Sting, Zombie Prisoner, Metaling, Siroma What I'm looking for is advice from people who choose the right/wrong farmer and learn from their advice. I know it's perhaps strange that I have so many characters but I wanted to try them out before commiting. I like my HW, but before he shines I need some gear and money (LKH here i come). I also like to have different characters for when I get bored with the playstyle, to take a brake and try something new for a while. I'll want to make a champion at some point but that's a different topic for a different thread. I'd be very grateful for tips and advice on different farmers, their pros, cons, "entrance fee", what to avoid at all cost and so on. My thoughts so far on my 2nd trans: - LK: supposedly can farm naked with endow and buffs - Stalker: maybe i'm stupid but I don't get what makes it so op for farming (besides gank), i think i'm missing something about the SQI - SG: need to read up on this one, they seem to be amazing in parties but dunno about solo-farming - WS: not for my budget... yet - SinX: probably similar to stalker but less automated (i'm lazy) - Champion: probably needs gears and can't imagine him farming, MVPing yes Sorry for the wall of text, but I tried to be clear about my situation/limitations. I thank You in advance for any advice You can give me!
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