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  1. deneko

    Woe pots?

    Are they still for sale? Cant find them in item shop anymore
  2. Hey GM Boreas! I did and thank you for the quick response. I've donated in the past and this is the first time that this has happened to me. I am returning after a long hiatus though but thank you. The ticket I did was a few minutes before this post.
  3. Hey good day I've just recently made a donation and the reward Guru won't let me claim it xD Is there a wait period now or something for the donation to connect with the in game?
  4. Thank you @Mosjoandy it worked
  5. Help please I'm a returning player and my characters can't move and I'm playing on my laptop like I always do. Is there some sort of setting I have to deactivate or something?
  6. Hello I have been away for a lonnnnng time but I have a WOE ready character. I've been gone for a few years xD but I'd like to Join LK level 97 Stun proof gears
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