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  1. Hi, I am Spark of the Freebies guild and I make 4m to 5m per hour at Geffenia. This is a continuation of my previous sleepers guide (forum.talonro.com/topic/30748-sparks-sleepers-guide/). If you followed that guide, please consider keeping your knight as a backup farmer. If not, don’t worry because I will guide you from somewhat scratch, though I will assume that you are already familiar with this game. Prelude You will need two accounts, a main and an alt. You will also need a minimum investment of Lord Kaho’s Horn (<55m zeny or 50 talon coins) and Ice Pick[0] (<16.5m zeny or 15 talon coins), as well as some pocket money for Infiltrator, Geffenia quest, Marriage and bonus bundle. Main account First, make a merchant if you haven’t already. You just need overcharge level 10. This makes the difference between 4m per hour and 5m per hour. Second, make an assassin cross. You can cross-trans a wizard for less hassle, at the expense of 200 bronze coins. Either way, do the official 1st and 2nd job quests for a grand total of 150 bronze coins. Before you rebirth, here’s a checklist of things you want to do. Complete eden quests until you have at least 175 merit badges for an infinite fly wing. One trip of gramps quests should be enough, but you can do more for levels. Buy mercenaries at the top right of archer village (warp to payon dungeon). This will help your thief high leveling. Do the sign quest (for geffenia access): wiki.talonro.com/The_Sign_Quest. The quest is account-bound, so you can do it on another character. (Optional: Do other quests that might be useful, such as the abbey entrance quest.) After you rebirth through the job changer, pick up novice gear at the upper left of Prontera fountain. You can buy a kindle dagger at einbroch, as we’re probably staying at wolves until job 50. Alternatively, you can leech yourself with a mage, or hunt at tamtam fields/dungeons. Go back to the job changer to become thief or assassin as needed. For assassin leveling, you’ll be staying at high orcs for a long time, especially this month that it’s tamtam. Using an infiltrator (requires level 75), ice endow and about 130 str, you can 4-shot with grimtooth and 1-shot with sonic blow. A rental infiltrator can reduce that to 3-shot, but imo it’s too expensive and not worth it. The trick to grimtooth is that you need to stand still and let the mob hit you once, so that they all stack on one cell. This is why 95% flee is also needed. As an extra tip, you can use an archer to craft gemstones into status arrows, which assassins can equip for grimtooth. Alt account First, make a bless/agi buffer. This can be an acolyte or a super novice. Agua Benedicta is also useful. Second, make a soul linker with Kaahi level 7. This can be confusing for first-time taekwons, so here are the things you need to know. Max out Running. By pressing the skill again immediately after using it, it stops you from moving and gives you a huge attack buff. Either max out Flying Side Kick or get Mild Wind level 4. Mild Wind acts as a fire endow, however it has a lot of prerequisites and gives less dps. Flying Side Kick requires more grape juice, as you need to activate it during Running for more damage. As a soul linker, you lose the ability to use FSK. Later on, marry your soul linker with your assassin cross using this guide: https://wiki.talonro.com/Marriage. The build At the sweet spot of around level 95, you’ll be ready to tackle Geffenia. Here’s a quick rundown of the stats and items you need. The logic is that you want to 3-shot meteor assault and 1-shot soul breaker with minimal stats, then pump everything to flee. Here are the total stats with buffs. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XDjEEKwoAgAETDkUtVw5ABAsKhRWfDuGPClmEbA8Otw7phFh3CoQ8DbzXCllNGaMKgQcOywozDmGRFNsK8wq3DkcK9w7QBw6YWXHITw6wHLB5yV3fCtxEqFB7CuFjCoMK+w7h7w73Cvws STR: 130 DEX: 107 INT: 76 AGI: The rest Skills are level 10 of the following: Dodge, Steal, Cloak, Soul Breaker, Meteor Assault Consumables: 33 GJ per 4 minute run, and a handful of Green Potions (for blind/silence) and Holy Water (for curse) Here is the minimum gear, which makes 4m per hour. Headgear: Lord Kaho’s Horn Left Hand: Ice Pick [0] Right Hand: Excalibur [Rental] Accessories: Vesper Core 03 [Rental] Armor: Pantie Garment: Undershirt You can eke out around 2 more flee by using Bloodied Shackle Balls [Rental] instead, but you’ll have to play around with your stats to get there. I’ll leave it up to you. As you get more survival gear, you can increase your income to 5m or even 6m per hour (5.5m is my personal best average). Here are some item suggestions, in order. Dragon Vest [Bathory] + Dragon Manteau [Deviling] is the big one, to deal with pesky mini demons. [Stormy Knight] as you can never get enough flee for mobs. (The attack from BK only translates to 9 more flee.) Celebration rings frees up more stats for agi. It’s not efficient as a farming gear, but you can use it for other characters. GEC/Eddga is preference. Like celebs, it won’t impact your zeny per hour a huge deal but it’s useful on other characters. Geffenia proper Once you’re set, bring your alts to Geffen and have your sinx save there as well. Buff yourself with Kaahi first, then “almost” open the portal for your sinx. Then bless/agi yourself and enter Geffenia. You will land in one of four maps, which are labeled gef 1,2,3,4 counterclockwise starting from the lower right. Gef 2 is the place to be. If you land in gef 4, just !return to town and rebuff/reenter the portal. If you land in Gef 1 or 3, you can fly-wing or walk upwards/rightwards while killing monsters along the way. Now, the way to farm this map is by fly winging into a mob and assessing their threat levels. Succubus/Incubus: Threat-level low-mid. These are your only targets. All their loot is worth picking up except for probably white herbs. Violy/False Angel: Threat-level low. They’re weak and can help proc your Kaahi heals, but be careful when getting mobbed. Can also be ignored via cloak. Mini-Demon: Threat-level mid-high. These guys are a nuisance, but sometimes you cannot avoid having to tank them. Dark Priest: Threat-level high. Although he doesn’t hurt, he can remove your buffs which is equivalent to dying. Abysmal Knight/Bloody Knight: Threat-level low. Don’t fight this guy. Just cloak and walk away. Ogretooth/Executioner: Threat-level high. They’re mini-bosses so they can see through cloak, but they’re usually dead anyways. If the threat level is low, use steal and soul breaker. If the threat level is mid, maybe steal and use meteor assault. If the threat level is high, just fly wing away. Note that you can cloak and pull cubus/demons away from the rest of the mobs. Again, if you have better gear then it will help lower the threat-level of the mobs. Important tip: Use shift click to pick up loot under mobs. After the end of a run, type !identifyall for any rings. Store your loot and have your merchant overcharge them. White herbs can be sold to buying shops, while most of the rare loot can be vended instead. A good run consists of 215k zeny in 4 minutes before overcharge. What’s next? You can save up 200m+ for a HP/HW/Sniper that offers leeching services while earning loot on the side, or simply for tackling high-end content such as instances and challenges. But you have to refer to other guides because I haven’t experienced it yet personally. Keep in mind that there is more to this game than farming. This marks the end of my two-part guide. Thanks for reading and have fun playing TalonRO!
  2. To compute the efficiency of breaking GN, you simply need to know how much you can break per hour and set how much profit you want to get from that. For example, I break 225 GN per 2 minutes or 6750 GN per hour, and if I want it to be as valuable as 3m per hour then 3m/6750=444 zeny must be the profit per GN. That means, I would need to sell to someone buying GN for at least 4030-444=3586 zeny. Most people buy for 3.4k tops, so it's more efficient for me to break it myself.
  3. Thanks @Hatfun for the helpful tips! I have a bonus tip as well: If you get slept or stoned, you can !return to town and use a priest to cure you with recovery or blessing. This saves precious time without any immunity gear.
  4. Hi, I am Spark of the Freebies guild and I make 3m per hour at sleepers. I made this guide because I want to help people start from scratch. There is more to sleepers than just making a Knight. I will make this guide as concise yet detailed as possible. As the saying goes, less is more. Prelude You will need two accounts, a main and an alt. On each account, make 2 novices and reach level 19 via Manuela's quests. From here, you can use the !party command to partner up your characters and have your alts leech your mains. Sage Stats: Full Int Skills: Fire bolt 8, Fire wall 10, Flame launcher 5 Use job changer to turn your first alt into mage and reset stats to full int. Go to Eden group and sign up, then go to the second floor and do the tutorial quests for some job levels to level up fire bolt. You can use !pj blue herb to sell them for 2k each, and sell everything else to a tool dealer. Warp to Payon dungeon and train there until fire bolt is level 8. Next, warp to Payon city and bring one of your mains. Buy butterfly wings. Walk two maps south, pop your field manual and bolt them wolves. As you gain more int, you will be able to use a lower level bolt for faster cast. You want to stay here until you max out fire wall. Later, you can sell strawberries for 2k each by typing !pj strawberry. Now here is the fun part. Go back to town and warp to Glast Heim Prison dungeon. Using the vertical fire wall technique, you can wipe out zombie prisoners in 1-2 casts. Here's how to do it. If the monster is approaching you from the upper left, cast fire wall next to your left and walk downwards. Similarly, if the monster is approaching you from the lower right, cast fire wall next to your right and walk upwards. By mastering this technique, you will be way more efficient than mages spamming soul strike or acolytes spamming heal. Stay here until job 40, which is all you need for an endow slave. After that, change to sage and continue leveling until you can max out flame launcher. The role of sage is giving your weapon elemental attack, which can spell the difference between 1-shotting and 2-shotting sleepers. For the skill to work, you need to be in the same party or guild as the character you are buffing. Personally, it is more convenient to have them in the same guild. Kindly ask your guild leader to invite both to the guild, or make your own guild using the /guild command (no Emperium needed). Finally, sell your loot (elunium to players) and type !sj red blood, then park your sage beside the doctor. Blacksmith/Alchemist Stats: 99 Str Skills: Enlarge weight limit 10, Pushcart 10, Overcharge 10, maybe Vending 10 Hopefully you have been leeching this character with your sage. If not, buy some meat at Izlude and let your sage buff you, then train at wolves until you are 20 levels below your sage. (You may need to reset because you need enough Dex for 65 hit.) That should be enough to even share exp with your party. Your goal is level 65 for 99 Str which, together with maxed enlarge weight limit and pushcart, gives you the highest possible carrying capacity. You will want smith/alch and not merchant/super novice because they have a higher weight bonus. The role of smith/alch is converting great natures (sleeper's main drop) into green lives, which sells more to Npcs. On average, 1 great nature = 6.5 green lives = 4030 zeny. Breaking GN takes seconds, which is the reason why breakers buy them, but don't fall for them. Do the following quests. https://wiki.talonro.com/Mr._Smile_Quest https://wiki.talonro.com/Umbala_Language_Quest https://wiki.talonro.com/Ore_Downgrading You don't have to rush these. You can wait until your knight is strong enough to hunt most of the materials, or until your alts have enough money to just buy them through !sj. You can convert meat into Mr. smile materials at the Npc just outside Utan chief's building, and you can buy gemstones at the tool dealer. The GN conversion procedure is usually left click, 4 enters, down, 4 enters, type 15, spam enter. However, this can be interrupted by an occasional captcha. As a final tip, you can use !autotrade to try selling GN for ~4k or buying them for ~3k before you sleep for more income. Buffer/Warper Stats: Full Int Skills: Fire bolt 8 + Fire wall 10 or Heal 10 + Teleport, Blessing 10, Increase agi 10, Warp portal 4 For this part, you need to make a super novice or an acolyte. It's faster as SN because they can fire wall like sages. To become SN, you need base level 45, which you can get from wolves. The starting dagger has +60 atk and +20 hit, so you can start with 25 Dex and 20 Str. After becoming SN, you can follow the sage guide above. If instead you made an acolyte, you can follow the sage guide right away, excluding the wolves part. Type /ns so you can heal bomb zombies at Payon dungeon, and stay there until you have teleport and maxed heal. Then, go straight to GH Prison. You will notice that your SP is not enough to kill a prisoner at first, but that's alright. Turn off !noks and ask someone to finish off the zombie for you, or even use !map or !recruit to make a party. Also, you can just teleport back to town and use the doctor to heal you back to full, then go back to hunting. If you take the time to turn your acolyte to priest, you gain the skill Recovery which lets you cure sleep, while Blessing cure stone curse. You can use this with the !return command later on. The role of buffer/warper is to provide blessing/increase agi and instant access to hunting areas. The +10 Str +10 Dex +12 Agi is like a free trial of Lord Kaho Horns, a 55m item. It will allow you to farm sleepers without needing meat. As for warp portal, visit and type /memo in the following areas: Go to magma dungeon and enter the north portal. Go to splendide near the east portal, but don't enter (pinguiculas). Go to the building for the ore downgrading quest. Finally, buy as many blue gems as you can and park your character beside the doctor. Knight Stats: 110 Str, 85 Dex (total with buffs and bonuses), rest Agi Skills: Increase recuperative power 10, Bowling bash 10, Cavalry mastery 5, Spear mastery 10 Items: Rental Brocca (60 bronze coins), Eden gear (free from quests, 0 weight), Earth deleter card (250k) + Silk robe[1] (10k) or Grape juice (168z each), Fly wing or Infinite Fly wing (175 merit badges), Butterfly wing or !return from bonus bundle (50 copper coins) Unlike your other characters, you must not use the job changer. Instead, use the official job change quests to gain bronze coins. Swordsman: http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60001 Knight: http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60010 Level up your knight the same way you would with smith/alch. You may need to leech at GHP until level 79 because imo it's the fastest way with nil gear. Then, go to Hugel city and organize/join an Odin party. You should be able to reach 91+ in a day, which allows you to do Eden's hunting board pinguicula quests for merit badges more bronze coins. Temporary alternative: As of this edit, high orcs give double exp and bronze coins due to tamtam bonus. You can access them via orc dungeon entrance, then go one map left. Use sage's frost weapon for this. The setup for one-shotting sleepers should be enough to one-shot high orcs as well. Moreover, gramps is a great way to gain more merit badges and bronze coins. You can find him and learn about his quest's rewards at the eden group. Now we focus on the items. As a knight who did the job change quests, you should have enough bronze coins to buy Rental Brocca from the rental master. For armor, do Eden quests from Boya and Ur with some help from other players. You may choose to sell the low tier armor. Next we want some SP recovering items. I'm selling 10+ earth deleter cards for 250k each (mail Spark Knight). With this, you will have enough SP even without GEC. If you cannot afford this yet, then you can opt to buy grape juice instead, perhaps 200 at a time. Fly wings are a necessity for farming efficiently, however they weigh a lot. I typically bring 400~600 at a time. Once you have enough merit badges, you can buy infinite fly wing from merry barker at the left side of eden group. This should save a lot of weight. Finally, we want to bring a couple of butterfly wings to make use of our warp portal and doctor npc. You can also avail of bonus bundle from reward master and bind !return in your alt m shortcuts. To obtain copper coins for bonus bundle, you can vote here: https://panel.talonro.com/voting/. With all of these, you should be able to 1-shot sleepers with bowling bash while taking minimal damage. Although your flee is reduced against multiple enemies, it doesn't really kick in until the 2nd set of hits. Since you can 1-shot instead of 2-shot, you do not have to worry about tanking more hits. Moreover, with earth deleter card, mobbing 2 or more helps maintain/regain SP, but don't waste time mobbing. You want to focus on teleporting and immediately BBing any sleeper you see. Only mob when you teleport into one. Summary Here's the flow when I farm sleepers. Use sage to endow knight, then switch to priest. Open warp portal and buff bless/agi. Fly wing and bowling bash any sleepers you see. When bless/agi expires or you are 90% overweight, butterfly wing/!return to town and store GNs. While endow buff remains, go back to step 2. Switch to smith/alch and take 225 GNs from storage. Warp and agi your smith/alch to umbala and start breaking, then !return and sell to npc. While you have GNs in storage, go back to step 7. (Each session is ~2 minutes, 1~3 captchas.) Congrats, you just made a lot of money. Including the other loots (not overcharged), you get 3m per hour if you farm 44 GN per 4 minutes. However, it is possible to get anywhere from 35 to 55 GN. You can follow a similar procedure for hunting pinguicula for bronze coins and merit badges. You can get the quest from Eden group's hunting boards at the right side. What's next? Since our knight does not need to be geared expensively, we can put our resources towards another character. One of the first big milestones in this server is having your own LKH. Other than that, you can work towards a sinx for farming geffenia, which produces 4m per hour on a 70m budget and 5m per hour on a 140m budget. Link to guide: https://forum.talonro.com/topic/30775-sparks-geffenia-guide/. A special thanks to you, the reader, for making it this far. Happy farming!
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