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  1. ah i see, so always best to reach 100. thanks dude
  2. Hi @Kulon With 97 vit, how often and for how long do you get cursed? Do you think it is dismissable or necessary to get it too 100?
  3. hi, i want to ask whether bathory is a must in gef. because in my calc it works better if i fill my armor with porcellio in terms of farming speed but if i i have to switch to bathory everytime mob cast SS, i would rather sacrifice some farming speed thanks!
  4. I already get used to most of the changes (including the "nerf" to some skills), except the monster sprite bug hahaha It is still being looked into, right? And I love the new implementation of daily TC quest. Better than the voting system, to me. Kudos to GM for the sleepless nights. 👏
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