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  1. Shop closed. Thanks to everyone who ordered and supported UwU See you next time!
  2. Yay! One of my favorite streamers UwU Slot confirmed. You can send me details here or in discord Brisha#7394
  3. Finished tier A commission for the lovely Izleen~ Thanks for ordering UwU
  4. Heard about your shop from Snail and Lydia UwU Your dA gallery is amazing! Welcome to the Art Corner and TalonRO and hope to see you in-game.
  5. ooooooooooohhhh /blush *wags tail*
  6. Hi, forums! It's been a while UwU My shop is OPEN again with updated prices and new offerings. Looking forward to drawing your characters
  7. I thought all the black hid some spoiler text. :c
  8. Brisha

    BG Costumes

    I think the costumes were designed like that to encourage people to play BG more. I get that. But it just isn't doable for some players to keep working hard for the same stuff all over again just to have them on other game accounts. I personally haven't touched BG because of this even though I really liked the costumes. If you can maybe consider the suggestions about making it Lutie Vending Machine obtainable or forum account bound, that would be really great :D I hope you can consider this. If not, can respect it. Thanks again for all your hard work! ^^
  9. Ofc you do. Dropping this commission done for the fabulous Fim! Thank you so much for ordering! I appreciate it ❤️
  10. I would like a Rock Paper Scissors battle please
  11. Kraaaaaaabbb! Grats on 10 years buddy!
  12. XD. I wanted to do 6-pack but he's wearing high waist pants Also, I'm digging your new signature
  13. Nope, I just like to read Loving the story so far~ Keep at it
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