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  1. Kraaaaaaabbb! Grats on 10 years buddy!
  2. XD. I wanted to do 6-pack but he's wearing high waist pants Also, I'm digging your new signature
  3. Nope, I just like to read Loving the story so far~ Keep at it
  4. Commission for Yuren! I couldn't find a decent reference for the Star Emperor outfit so I tried to draw it as I've seen from the character sprite. High waist pantsu Thank you for ordering!
  5. Closing shop for now! Thanks to those who ordered~ See you all soon
  6. Ultra cute and super clean! Fumi pro lvl 99 /kis I can see the love and patience you put in your line art :)
  7. Hi! I have some free time this November so I'm gonna open the shop for commission slots if anyone is interested. Also, updated my price to match actual hours I spend on making art. Check the first post I hope you can understand. Happy Halloween!
  8. [swords clashing] Xing! Xing! Art delivery for the murderous Xing. Thanks again for ordering! I hope you like it If it weren't for you and Lance I wouldn't have gone back to making art
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