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  1. That's really pretty ❤️ I would be more technical with the praise but I think you hate that lmao Really great work! Keep it up
  2. I personally think that Line Art is a complete form of art on its own as well, even without color. It requires as much patience as painting, <<making sure you have clean lines and being mindful of line strokes being representative of emotion or intent to guide the viewer's eyes around your illustration. I'm happy to see you're working really hard to improve your craft. Your passion is infectious! It fires me up as well. That job50 sketch cracked me up
  3. >< Thank you! That means a lot to me. I love your art too! Sorry I stalked your profile >< I love grinding but I can't focus on something for more than 5 mins so there's that. I appreciate the compliment and the welcome! and... I stalked your profile too >< Amazing work you have as well!
  4. I lurked in your profile and saw you have an art thread! Your work is phenomenal. And you just started 2-3 years ago? So much talent there. Who knows where'll you be at in a few years if you keep drawing. I particularly love your animated works, the one in your sig and the girl begging for Stall of Angel. Puts a smile on my face
  5. I support you in your conquest for world peace And when that time comes, keep drawing still. I'm glad to hear that my art moves you to get better. I don't think I deserve it, but thank you! I get frustrated too, a lot of times, but that just confirms how passionate we are about the things we make That's what I tell myself, at least. Let's both keep working hard to overcome our doubts and ourselves! Hearing this is like being given ice cream. Thank you for appreciating my work. It means a lot to me, really On a completely different note, one slot left for those are interested.
  6. Good day! I'm a self-taught artist who loves playing RO on the side. I would like to humbly set up shop here for extra zenny as to not get burnt out by farming. My art style is pretty mainstream to be honest since I had to learn by watching other artists draw. If anyone is interested, I'm opening 2 slots at 25 TC per character. I mostly draw in 4k dimensions if that helps. Some samples:
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