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  1. I wouldn't put it over 60/15 since its a rental item and not supposed to compete with the GEC mvp card. Bronze coins are supposed to be stronger than some and weaker than others by design. We'll see what the official decision comes out to be though.
  2. GM Creed

    Lightning Bolt Card

    Changed Status to Implemented
  3. https://discord.gg/jt4NXmH This link will direct you to our Party/Guild finder channel on the official TalonRO discord server, this will be a helpful resource for you to find what your looking for. @acekillah
  4. We are re-vamping the Battlegrounds pvp area so this will inheritly promote more WoE and pvp environments to become more populated. Other than that if you want people to join pvp just put a message in the #recruit chat or message GM Blackstar to promote a timeslot for pvp and I'm sure he'll be happy to facilitate your request.
  5. Yes Billy it was directed at you, you got a good vibe comin off. Happy gaming friend
  6. nice look, respect.
  7. Happy Halloween everyone, Officer Creed~reporting for duty! TalonRO Police Department~C.A.T. Division
  8. Correct, the server is English only for Discord and Main chat. Forums are a different story and town chat is open to other languages. If using a non-English language just use 1 line to ask people to pm so as not to flood the chats.
  9. It is still being worked on, we appologize for the delay its taking longer than expected. We are aware many people want it back in operation ASAP however there have been minor delays. We will announce when the database is back in operation. Thank you for your patience to all.
  10. Wait until the database is back online to preview our item database on the TalonRO website.
  11. GM Creed


    @GM Seiren not quite a match from the ID's provided.
  12. GM Creed


    In my experience if your doing a leeching party, its usually best to have ks turned off because accidents happen. But in the event someone is being troublesome, as Radius said previously, just submit a ticket and we can take it from there. You can also utilize the !request to get a GM to come to the rescue in the event of spur of moment issues.
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