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  1. Wait until the database is back online to preview our item database on the TalonRO website.
  2. GM Creed


    @GM Seiren not quite a match from the ID's provided.
  3. GM Creed


    In my experience if your doing a leeching party, its usually best to have ks turned off because accidents happen. But in the event someone is being troublesome, as Radius said previously, just submit a ticket and we can take it from there. You can also utilize the !request to get a GM to come to the rescue in the event of spur of moment issues.
  4. GM Creed

    WhoSell's Equal Signs

    Well its primary function is to differentiate and isolate your command request making it more eye friendly and separate it from the rest of the chat. Especially when using the command multiple times things can be fused a bit to much...so imo its better to maintain the flag borders between them.
  5. GM Creed


    Well we have the backstory in common, Welcome to TalonRO, happy to have you on board
  6. Investing in more poptarts for Phoenix while he's locked in the laboratory.
  7. Dr.Disrespect - Gillette
  8. @SailsJS Word of mouth (tell your friends) Generate content for the server with moderate to high profile content creators (youtube, twitch, etc...) these are the primary ways for any game to gain traction in this industry, other than obvious advertising.
  9. GM Creed

    First Aid

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. GM Creed

    First Aid

    That still falls under changing the skill, which is a no.
  11. along with what robby said, basically anything related to large time investment SQI, cooking, brewing, forging and slotted headgear materials, materials for enchanting (such as gems) all of these sorts of things sell extremely well on the open market (as long as you claim the shop jump lowest price) Happy vending ^.^
  12. https://discord.gg/DfFavBv Be sure you join the official TalonRO discord. ^.^ if you get caught on some things, just feel free to ask around in general chat, we have a wonderfull community of people willing to help you at the drop of a hat. Good luck ❤️
  13. Give her some love, her sketch work is fantastic and full of life, you have my full support
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