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  1. ty all, the emotes are looking good. keep them coming the library of emotes is coming along nicely on Discord
  2. @Spankermanplease provide this emote with proper transparency and i'll have it uploaded asap. Thank you.
  3. the answer is no. this falls under this catagory.
  4. I like the emotes, if you can transfer them into a relevant RO style of face then i'll put them into consideration. @DeliciousGreenApple
  5. nicely done everyone, keep them coming.
  6. Our Goal is to help grow our community and your channels to bring in new members to TalonRO. Your role on Discord will be changed to Streamer as well as having the benefit of announcing your streams in-game via the Twitch NPC (located in Payon). This title can be given to Content Creators! To be included in this program reply to this thread with: Your platform channel URL (Twitch,YouTube, Mixxer etc...) Your Discord username Your forum profile ID number (its the number after "profile/" in the URL bar) 1. Livestreamers must have: A. Past broadcasts VOD's visible for audit. B. Minimum of 2 unique broadcasts in a 2 week span on-going without missing 4 weeks in a row. C. Minimum hours streamed must exceed AT LEAST 3 hours in 1 week. 2. Pre-recorded content creators must upload 1 video a month. 3. Giveaways (funded by us) and GM event incentives for your audience require you to have a microphone to maximize the involvement of your audience. 4. It should go without saying but all of the above mentioned is directly related to TalonRO content and nothing else. (special considerations to these rules will be made if your previously consistant) MORE VIEWERS!!! 1. Giveaway products available for real time giveaway events at the request of the streamer. (limit 2 giveaway events per month per channel) 2. Realtime connection to a GM for a more unique content experience. And the full support of the staff to help grow your channel. 3. Streamer role on discord puts you near the top of the member list, and a secluded discord text channel with the entire staff. 4. Broadcast npc that displays the genre of your choice for the entire server to see and gain viewers from in house (to be used once per hour IF content genre changes) (if content genre does not change, use the npc only once per broadcast) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -FAQ- Q: Can I be a streamer if I have no microphone? A: Yes. Q: Can I be in the program if I'm new and can only do early game content for now? A: Absolutely! Q: Can I stream other Ragnarok Online servers and still be in the program? A: No. Q: Can I request a GM to make an appearance or host an event on my stream if I'm not in the program? A: Potentially (depending on the staff member's discretion).
  7. Put the emote or gif here, no more links.
  8. we'll see how it resizes in emote format and take a vote.
  9. Of course its legal, its literally our mascot on our website, we'll vote on it as with all the others.
  10. GM Creed

    PvP-Duel Testing Room

    The plan is that the room is not flagged for pvp and will allow players to manually duel with the command.
  11. Hello Talonians, we're proud to include you in the Emote growth program for the TalonRO Discord server, currently we have 29 official emotes and we are looking to expand this number. Please post your additions in this thread and we will discuss and approve the ones we decide to be relevant and professional. Please include a very short name preference, emotion or phrase attached to the emoji. Criteria of emoji: 256 kb in size and must be clearly visible in a 72x72 and 32x32 pixel format. Must also have proper "Transparency" Animated GIF emoji are welcome. We will be declaring the official emote slots of 21 additional ones to be permanent and anything over that will be put into the Boost Level up overflow. Tier 1 +50 / Tier 2 +50 / Tier 3 +100 (250 total slots all together) https://talonro.com/discord (emotes must be relevant to TalonRO)
  12. I wouldn't put it over 60/15 since its a rental item and not supposed to compete with the GEC mvp card. Bronze coins are supposed to be stronger than some and weaker than others by design. We'll see what the official decision comes out to be though.
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