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  1. GM Creed

    First Aid

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. GM Creed

    First Aid

    That still falls under changing the skill, which is a no.
  3. along with what robby said, basically anything related to large time investment SQI, cooking, brewing, forging and slotted headgear materials, materials for enchanting (such as gems) all of these sorts of things sell extremely well on the open market (as long as you claim the shop jump lowest price) Happy vending ^.^
  4. https://discord.gg/DfFavBv Be sure you join the official TalonRO discord. ^.^ if you get caught on some things, just feel free to ask around in general chat, we have a wonderfull community of people willing to help you at the drop of a hat. Good luck ❤️
  5. Give her some love, her sketch work is fantastic and full of life, you have my full support
  6. ROFL Nelli flinging chicken wings at the unsuspecting people of Prontera and this poor poring, it looks fantastic, I'll make sure to save it. Thank you so much, you really captured the essence of us ^.^
  7. With proper load-outs, Geffenia yields more money per hour regardless of population since there are 4 maps to cycle between and the items per kill yield roughly twice to 3 times more in dedicated time slot depending on how efficient you are. However Mavka's have their merit since its very easy for a under geared person to break the barrier of entry with a simple weeder knife rogue and won't "need" a full gear load-out unlike Geffenia. But on the whole Geffenia still remains one of, if not, THE best places for raw zenny farming on this server. And nobody likes to deal with the rabble that populate the Mavka map (if they can help it)
  8. going +1 on multiple over upgrades 1 at a time to see if you can cheese the system into breaking 1 then blessing you with a +7 something
  9. Changed Status to Declined
  10. The pet evolution system is revolved around "harder to acquire" items for a very good reason so that it doesn't promote easy access for something as strong as a evolved pet to begin with, the idea of trying to create value from relatively useless items that you mentioned is a good idea though that we can look at a later date (perhaps headgear quests), but at the same time there needs to be junk loots in the game.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats absolutely wonderful and put a big smile on my face, tysm. I'll save it and cherish it forever xD
  12. I don't think the world is ready for my absolutely horrible paint program stick figures so I'll just throw this photo out there, veto myself from the rule of drawing someone else and let you do what you want xD
  13. whoa, so good, take all my money please.
  14. https://discord.gg/jt4NXmH Join the discord, that's your best way of communicating to other players outside the in game chat, we have a lot of guilds that are beginner friendly as well.
  15. GM Creed

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    Changed Status to Pending
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