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  1. Good Day Gm Gowther. Please help me with the error occuring everytime i launch the game. i attach a file for you to see the pop up error. hope you will help me. Thanks and more power!Untitled.thumb.png.90ed18c740dfad9bf151f75599262229.png

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    2. mobscene5910


      got it! thanks gm. can you please send me a link of the full installer coz the main page of talonro is down.

    3. GM Gowther
    4. mobscene5910


      GM i cant log in into the game (time 8:01 gmt+8) why is that?

      Thanks and more power!

  2. So much beautiful ART *-* I'm enjoying this so much! please keep new Art work coming guys time is running out! ❤️
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