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  1. Welcome!! ❤️ catch me in-game how about that?
  2. Welcome! Looking forward to see you in game
  3. Welcome back! I always get happy when i see old players giving the game a chance! I can assure you! you won't get bored! there's so much to do!
  4. Fancy :3! Hope to see you in-game soon! so we can share laughs and chats
  5. Welcome back! hope to see you in game soon!!! there's a lot of fun activities and active events in game
  6. Welcome back there's a lot of new games to enjoy!! hope to see you soon in game! ❤️
  7. establish a relationship ❤️ well hello ! looking forward to see you in-game!
  8. hmm Porings... Don't let them get the best of you, but oh man... thief poring are the worse! welcome back! looking forward to see you in-game ❤️
  9. Welcome! there's a lot of helpful guides in forum ❤️ feel free to browse around! if you need any assistance don't hesitate on PM me ❤️
  10. So much information 😛 ABOUT TO STALK.... coff coff.. I mean, nice to meet you Lee!!
  11. #stalkingmode! jk jk hope to see you in my events! Great to have you here welcome!
  12. Now i want you to stayyyyyyy looking forward to see you in Game! Catch me at Prontera look for the planet Jupiter when you around the city!
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