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  1. establish a relationship ❤️ well hello ! looking forward to see you in-game!
  2. hmm Porings... Don't let them get the best of you, but oh man... thief poring are the worse! welcome back! looking forward to see you in-game ❤️
  3. Welcome! there's a lot of helpful guides in forum ❤️ feel free to browse around! if you need any assistance don't hesitate on PM me ❤️
  4. So much information 😛 ABOUT TO STALK.... coff coff.. I mean, nice to meet you Lee!!
  5. #stalkingmode! jk jk hope to see you in my events! Great to have you here welcome!
  6. Now i want you to stayyyyyyy looking forward to see you in Game! Catch me at Prontera look for the planet Jupiter when you around the city!
  7. Welcome! Hope to see you around! Look for me at Prontera I usually walk around with a lot of planets! ❤️
  8. Looking forward to seeing you in-game! Hugs!
  9. Hello :3 welcome back!! there's so many great things in game looking forward to see you in game!
  10. GM Gowther


    Welcome to our family!!! Looking forward to see you in game!!
  11. great I mean... I'm the last person to post in here.. so can we go back to me please.
  12. Welcome to our amazing family!! Looking forward to see you in-game!! ❤️
  13. I love all the things TalonRO has to offer, from Bingo all the way to AT. this server is one of the most amazing servers I've ever played in! I love spending time with players, I've meet so much great people! I simply can't get enough of this. ❤️
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