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  1. id like to make a build around this, im currently working for a meteor plate with a garm card for my pali. but id also like to use it for offensive purposes, any ideas? aaand, does the combo work with shield chain?
  2. hello, should i use a main gauche with 4 archer skeleton cards? or a pike with 4 archer skeleton cards? i see the damage of the spear is slightly better, but i dont know if i should lvl the skill the spear damage for this build any suggenstions?
  3. so your official stance is, if you dont like it go home right? so anybody who doesnt give his life and soul to this server, its not wanted? very cool coming from an admin. also in this game you have to do a whole lot of grinding every single step of the way, i have grinded my ass off trying to level up my character, getting gear, getting a card (that took months of voting). voting was a cool way to get some gear to help me get to a point where i can actually kill something of importance. you are just trying to justify your position by belittling me. at no point in your statement you defended cash betty with an argument. i dont have a problem with it taking it a long time, thats why i choose this server to play, i also choose it because of its mechanics in play, voting didnt give you everything you wanted, but it gave you something, a little bit of hope. cash betty just detroyed that hope, sure player who can afford hours and hours and hours of grinding and can play everyday are probably happy. but i dare to guess most people isnt like that and for us relatively new players who dont have the years of voting gear are just damned to be either always weak, or to pay.
  4. I know it may not be monetized right away, maybe someday youll find someway voting would be better for the server. but right now a button or something you press everyday would suffice. cash betty has made the game virtually unplayable for me. it took me around 30 minutes to get the laterns for cash betty, i have at most 1 hour to play everyday. so half the time i farm, go do quest, try to level up guys or get equipment, is used in getting dumb item for talon cash. an activity that when i joined the server was tied to voting, you just completely got rid of the play part and went straight pay to win. forget about leveling up another guy, what for? i wont be able to get cards for him, or equipment. i voted everyday and i worked hard for my character, i was just getting to a point he was usable. but right now it all seems hopeless, itll never be strong, not unless i pay like a hundred dollars for all the stuff. and yeah i think this server has officially gone pay to win congratulations, you ruined talonro.
  5. i voted on the page regularly and i accumulated 450+ voting points, then the induna chage happende and noow i try every day to talk to the voting point npc, but its always disabled. what can i do!?
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