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  1. I suggest we implement subscriptions for the server. Different levels of subscriptions that offer more exclusive content based on the monthly subscription that you sign up for. Something similar to something below. Whatever would be offered would be subscription exclusive, meaning the only way to get whatever would be offered would only be able to be obtained by purchasing a subscription.
  2. I'd support this. I can see many uses for it.
  3. Harsh statement? I didn't say anything relatively harsh. I just made a statement. Report me for what kind of treatment to you or others? Warning? ROFL You are hilarious.
  4. Seeing how we already have one lower headgear that gives ATK + 5, which is the Gangster Scarf, I would like to suggest a revamp for the Pirate Dagger. Me personally I'd like to see something like a "bonus bShortWeaponDamageReturn,1;" effect on it. There aren't very many items that offer the effect, and it'd be nice to have at least one. EDIT: For anyone that doesn't have experience with the database scripting, "bonus bShortWeaponDamageReturn,1;" reflects 1% of physical damage.
  5. But your argument is that it will cause confusion, yet in a trade window the name of the item is clearly displayed. The name Scouter and Observer are NOWHERE similar. If you are so easily confused, and so naive as to not check your trade when forking over 100+ million zeny, then you shouldn't be playing tRO to begin with. It's not hard, yet you make it sound so sophisticated. I am aware that you are only against the Observer's sprite, but this is the original sprite for the item whether the Scouter used it or not. Anyone with a brain would be able to tell the difference. "Oh, you're a Super Novice. So that's not a Scouter, it's an Observer." Only Gunslingers can wear Scouter. It really isn't that hard...
  6. SQIs aren't a tRO exclusive, especially the SQIs that we have here, but I won't go into that. Just because you would somehow be utterly confused because the sprites are same, that surely would not be the case for the majority of the population. As someone that has personally seen the Scouter and Observer both implemented with no problems whatsoever, your argument is invalid. The nonslotted and slotted versions would still have Monster Property. It would be ridiculous to remove it on the slotted version. But these items use the SAME sprite, and so do Kahos and the regular items they look like. Should we remove all of the regular headgear that Kahos look like and just implement kahos as monster drops? And before you say it, kahos aren't tRO exclusive either. I await your riposte.
  7. The thing is there shouldn't need to be a sprite change for either. With your argument, every slotted version of every item should have a sprite change to avoid confusion. lol I think it'd be a good mid for us.
  8. Nevermind what I mean by that. And there is where your difference is. Gunslinger SQI is call Scouter. Observer is.... well Observer. If you aren't paying attention, I really think that is your fault. That is a big difference.
  9. It's sad that SQI sprites take priority over good original items, and that people aren't responsible enough to check trades. Also, I'm not sure if it's the same here, but isn't Gunslinger SQI Account bound? You wouldn't be able to trade it or vend it anyways.
  10. We already have Identical looking items. Case in point: AWE[0] and AWE[1]. Be responsible and check your trades.
  11. The Gunslinger SQI uses the Observer sprite. The Observer linked is the actual Observer.
  12. I suggest that we add Observer[0] and Observer[1]... http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Observer&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search That is my suggestion lol
  13. I think a Preview option should be added to the Talon Shop, like in the Hats and Kahos sections. That was you can see what your character will look like with that item on...
  14. Cressy Lady is so cute~ lol
  15. I'm an old friend, and would like to get back in contact with her. I've been gone for a very long time and have lost contact with a lot of people. If anyone happens to know her current email, if you would please contact me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you~
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