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  1. Can we get a separate page on the wiki for some overall/general mechanics changes compared to official servers? Most notably I didn’t realize that reflect damage does not proc/activate effects “while attacking.” Official servers, reflect damage would be considered “attacking” and so would activate items like gazeti card, alchemist glove etc. I spent some money on a few items not realizing that this had been modified until someone In my guild told me - if they hadn’t, I’d have ended up spending a whole lot of cash to finish a full build to have it not work. I understand we have plenty of other spots like the full card list of changes etc, but there’s a few mechanics that aren’t on there, or I really have to dig into a guide or something to see it (don’t remember which ones).
  2. Can we get a toggle switch somewhere for the in-chat hotlinks that open up item descriptions? I know I could just make a new channel chatbox for this, but it's not exactly a great fix because I do like to see what's on market while I'm out and about, as well as the constant switching between channel tabs would be silly.
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