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  1. Rounding has no way, but you can earn more cash with Betty's daily quests.
  2. I think the server doesn't need defenders, but understanding the request of the "Th33nd", I couldn't go straight to the game either, I was going to vote on my cell phone, now I go into the game when I don't have much time and do the mission in 10 min. I find it even more fun, and when I can't, I just won't do the mission. But calling the server "P2W" or thinking that GMs don't work is just too much. Nowadays, it is rare to find a private server with as many applied and committed people as we have here. So congratulations to the leaders for their gaming experience. And for the blind, I'm sorry.
  3. Fala galera brazuka, Alguma guilda br para recrutamento?
  4. Thx all. Home Sweet Home. TalonRO
  5. I'm Brazilian and I played for a long time, and it was the best years of my youth in the virtual world. A friend referred me to this server and I have been playing for 45 days. At first I just wanted to test, but I realized the GMs' commitment to always improve the XP of the game and ended up liking and staying. To innovate, I decided to play with characters I had never played before, which is very good for me. So thanks for having me. 😉
  6. Yes Sir. The Atk does not change.
  7. Dear GM's, I realized that when I add the points in the ability, the ATK point does not rise. Is that a bug? I send some photos as evidence of my doubt. And Sorry 4 my english. If you need anything, I'm at your disposal.
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