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  1. The picture tells us about 4 different demons. 3 of them is a demon type monster and the 4th is a player that sets up a fake portal. Sometimes they will false warp you into a map where your only option is to b.wing yourself out. But if you happen to not have a b.wing with you, there will be nearby merchants that vends super overpriced b.wings 😂
  2. Welcome back to Ragnarok Online @Raktasil! Please enjoy your stay here and we will be having soon our halloween event so there will be a lot of new things to try on!
  3. So fantastic! You look really good
  4. Hello there new friend! Welcome aboard and I hope you have fun while you're here!
  5. Looking good! Looking forward to see you wearing the finished product
  6. @deasynat18~ Welcome to our large TalonRO family; please make yourself feel at home. You can join in our discord (if you haven't joined yet) and also don't forget to check our wiki as well
  7. Hello there @Nessaya! I'd naturally like to wish you welcome to the server as well and hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us
  8. I also get crashes randomly. I'm also wondering what's causing mine. Here's my crashlog
  9. I have read somewhere that they have no plans to bring back the NPC, and for the database the GMs are working on it.
  10. A: I really want to become a teacher when I was a kid Q: if you could be a mythical creature, what creature would you be?
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