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  1. Two-in-one suggestion here about NPCs. I noticed there is a Kafra NPC and a Warp Girl outside Orc Dungeon and Coal Mine. So it made me think, it would be great to add a Kafra NPC for storage beside every Warp Girl. This doesn't have to be another save point, maybe just for storage like the Kafra girl in Prontera Mall. Also, how about adding Warp Girl locations to these areas to make them more accessible, possibly opening up more areas for mainstream leveling parties: Abyss Lake Brasilis Field Gonryun Dungeon - Toy Factory warp is the same map as Lutie anyways, why not? Rachel Temple (outside the temple) - easier access before and after completing the entrance quest Yggdrasil tree/Skellington - for newbies who want to farm herbs and Niff leechers/farmers Maybe the Abbey boat area too. These are all the places I could think of as of now. There could be more good spots out there. Thank you for your time!
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