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  1. There's also a Hoplite Helmet Costume (id#20665) that exists if you just want the sprite. And is cheaper than changing a kaho.
  2. Piatti

    Cards for Dagger/Katar (For SinX)

    LOL. Learn from your Assassin seniors above this post. Be sure to read properly and understand what others tell you. By the way, you're not obligated to follow another person's build 100%. Do your research first and use calc.talonro.com before purchasing items since Assassins can get expensive to play. Why? Because there are lots of possible builds you can play with. This is also true with other classes. Anyway, there are lots of guides for Geffenia SinX already. The most common and the cheapest one to gear uses Soul Destroyer/Soul Breaker with Excalibur and Ice Pick [0]. This is popular for farming because this build is good with high Dex for faster casting and higher Steal chance! If you're lazy and just want to click and auto-attack with really high ASPD, it would be more expensive. Both Katars and Dual Wielding builds use Doppelganger Card/s for ASPD. Then you add common cards for additional damage like Turtle General or Queen Scaraba for all-around use. Once you get more zeny though, you might want to invest in specialized weapons for maximum effectiveness. You can use some swords/axes too! Remember, it is called Dual Wielding, not just Dual Dagger! Some people use utility cards like Phreeoni Card for more Hit, or even Baphomet Card for Splash Damage. Just remember that not all cards that work for katar is good for dual wielding, vice versa. BTW, Valkyrie Helm's stats work well with Katar SinX especially with Twin Fang (SQI), and Lord Kaho's Horns are great for with Dual Wielders. Chicken Hat is good if you are new until you get a Kaho. There are other headgears too! Do your research and always enjoy the game!
  3. I am not really sure if this is feasible. But yeah, how about adding the seller NPCs to commands like !whosell and !shopjump? With this, people would easily know the exact location/coordinates of these NPCs without leaving the game. I also think that this would be an agreeable supplement to the tag "NPC Buyable" for items. That's all. Thank you for your time!
  4. You could try getting a Succubus Pet instead. Same lifesteal but 5% chance.
  5. Piatti

    Disable all pets from leaving

    I would like to suggest to disable all pets from running away. The newer pets from the Reward Guru, charity and normal events already have this behavior. Please consider implementing this for all the pets. This would encourage more players to use pets without worrying about them leaving. Thank you for your time!
  6. Piatti

    remove 15 minute penalty on vend

    I agree with the part of putting the character "locked" on that cell to avoid misclicking and waiting again. Or maybe reduce the cooldown to 5 minutes atleast. 15 minutes is too long especially when you get random disconnections.
  7. Piatti

    Costumes: Game Account Bound to Forum Account Bound

    Will you also add the Evolved Pets to this too? Trading them even just between the same forum account would be nice. Thank you!
  8. Piatti

    Doubt about maximun damage.

    Carding always depend on your build and where you plan to go. I assume you are going auto-attack with that 190 ASPD so you may opt for a Baphomet Card on your Desert Wind to give yourself some mobbing ability. Or even an additional Doppelganger card so you can transfer those stat points from AGI to VIT while still having 190 ASPD. This additional VIT will add more survivability and will really complement your 2 Hell Poodle Cards. If you plan to add a Baphomet on your Desert Wind, you can make your Mes a Doppelganger, Turtle General, Turtle General. This is a general carding that you can also use for your mid level trans characters or even a Stalker farmer. Just remember that your Soul Breaker skill won't get any additional damage from % cards like Turtle General. Ciao.
  9. Piatti


    You need "Embryo Creation Guide" book.
  10. Piatti

    Advice on gear purchase priority

    Hello. Nice gears you have there. Now, I would like to suggest to you a few things: As you have said, you're currently using Grimtooth for farming so I will tell you to use Status Arrows. They will make your Grimtooth more efficient. Just equip one and your watch your grimtooth inflict that status. I prefer stun/curse arrow for monsters. Second, get yourself a Pirate Dagger and a Slotted Mid headgear. Save some of those Crystal Mirrors for the slotted mid quest. Check wiki.talonro.com for the guides. (The slotted mid guide is not updated. You can now enchant any mid you like). Common cardings are Vanberk, Bloody Knight, Stormy Knight, or even Gryphon. Really depends on your build. Also, you might want to refine that wind katar to +4 too! You will want to have different weapons depending on what you are hunting. You might want to get your hands on a Dragon Vest too. Along with Dragon Manteau and Bradium Brooch (both are obtainable from a quest). Again, enchants and cards will depend on your build. After all these, you should focus on getting your own Lord Kaho's Horns. You might save a little more zeny by farming the items yourself and doing the quest. Google that shit. Don't be so independent and look for a nice guild who will help you if you still don't have one. Everyone needs some help sometimes. (spoiler: especially killing the Spirit of Lord Kaho MVP) Lastly, I suggest you try both the Katar and Dual Dagger build. I personally use both, depending on where I'm going (PvM or PvP). Playing SinX is really fun and it will get expensive sooner or later but don't let that discourage you. All jobs get expensive! Ciao.
  11. Piatti

    A Lone Assassin Cross's POV

    Guys, don't get confused. I was talking about allowing SinXes to use Megs in PvM only. Not PvP or WoE. Megs were supposed to be a non-class specific SQI. Maybe tweak the STR bonus to be lower or make it that 2 megs wont stack for SinX? @howrah Why compare Artemis to an Infiltrator and not a Twin Fang? Also, that still does not address the fact that Artemis is really overpowered compared to the other SQIs, right?
  12. Piatti

    Hunting Board Quest Rewards

    @Habbuck I don't know if you really took the time to read and understand what my suggestion is all about. You speak as if the item rewards are already approved. I even said that these should not be the rewards necessarily. I simply stated an example. Also, I clearly explained that it is not just about the item rewards, but to revamp the current Hunting Board Quests and stimulate player activity. If you carefully read, analyze, and absorb what I was trying to say, you will understand that this is about encouraging not just the new players, but also the older players to do something else aside from the usual stuff. How? By giving them a reason to do it competitively, encouraging more party play. Anyone who would want to rank number 1 at something would enjoy this. Not a lot of players would want to do their HBQs simply because it is not as rewarding as before when they were new. That is the problem. It's not like they have any other good use for their Bronze Coins. But that's another topic. For now, focus on the Hunting Board. You speak of growth and wealth. These are not mutually exclusive things. You define growth merely as getting exp points and leveling up? You're wrong. Of course you would say why bother doing HBQs if you're already max leveled, when there are more rewarding stuff to do. This is because you only see what's in front of you. All you think about are the rewards. Not the overall picture. Instead of improving something weak to its possible full potential, you would run and leave it to find something more convenient for you to do. Take a look at the !recruit channel. Newbies and intermediate players go where? Anubis, Odin, and Abbey. Do you really want to limit leveling parties around those 3 places because they are "more rewarding?" Here I am suggesting an alternative that people might like. Lastly, If you're really that against people selling their items rewards (should this part be approved), GMs can make it char/account bound. Easy. Again, I never said the rewards should be boxes anyways. Let the admin decide. I highly believe the GMs know which things are gamebreaking and which are not. I hope that you would first try to analyze the pros and cons of a suggestion before disregarding it and talking like you know it well. Peace.
  13. Piatti

    Hunting Board Quest Rewards

    @GM Boreas People only did HBQ again because of the Bonus Bundle bronze-coins-instead-of-copper-coins test. Now they have no more use for HBQ and bronze coins. Max leveled people wont bother with their HBQs anymore if all they get is BCs and Exp. @Habbuck I never said anything about ET or thana. This is purely for the HBQ. Why would you reward completing ET or thana when you already get great items there. That's just dumb.
  14. Piatti

    A Lone Assassin Cross's POV

    I've been playing on and off for quite a while now, played with all the different classes, currently role-playing a lone SinX. I noticed some things: There will always be classes that get invited into parties and others that become fillers or get totally ignored. Even if you are already geared, a semi-geared core class would take priority almost always. Speaking of core classes, I feel like there is this "favoritism" of snipers around here. First, probably the most obvious, the coolest custom SQI sprite. That huge feathery bow is the reason mid-geared snipers get snubbed. That's how an SQI should look. Unique and majestic. You don't see that with all the other SQIs. Then you get to the bonuses. The other SQIs need to be reworked like the Artemis Bow. Make them the end-game weapon of choice for all classes. I mean, isn't that what they should be? Also with more bonuses that give flexibility to different builds. Or maybe, even an Alternate version SQI? Like, not everyone wants to be a bow stalker. How about a Sherwood Dagger? Not everyone wants to be a support linker, How about a Ghostdancer Blade? ETC... With just an Artemis bow and a Sniping Suit, a sniper is almost good to go. You can already deal 1k+ per hit. As an Assassin Cross, you need a lot of expensive gears just to deal that 1k+ per hit. You're even standing there in front of your target doing that. Yet you know what bugs me the most? I get to see other DPS classes use the SQI Megingjard (Megs). Removing the +30 STR solely for Assassin Classes, what's with that? Because of EDP? Tell me another class that has to farm Karvodailnirol (Karvo) for hours just to get a temporary damage boost for about a minute. SinXes get no love at all. Yet you give +60 STR to Champs for their Asura Strike? Champs have others skills too that benefit from it. And they don't just sit in front of their target and attack like SinXes. It would be nice if we Assassins can use Megs even in PvM only. Atleast that way, EDP+Link would not be abused in PvP/WoE (I personally never use this). I thought the main purpose of finishing the Seals was to unlock the full potential of the Super Quest Items. I guess SinX is simply just hated here. Oh well. Don't take this post too seriously as this is my personal observation. Some of you might agree and some might not. I don't really care anymore. Why? Because I made this post after a sniper KSed me in Mavkas while I was farming Crystal Mirrors for my slotted mid. True story.
  15. Piatti

    Hunting Board Quest Rewards

    Would it be possible to add some items as a reward for completing them? Something like Gift Boxes/Old Blue Box/Old Purple Box etc.. And/Or add a Ranking System to see who has finished the most hunting board quests. Kinda like the /alchemist for top brewers, how about /huntingboard or /hbq to check the ranks? These rankings could also determine which rewards you get after each successful hunt. For example: Top 10 hunters get Old Purple Boxes and a Gift Box as reward Rank 11-20 get Old Blue Boxes and a Gift Box Everyone else gets Gift Boxes I think this would encourage more players to do finish their hunting board quests with guildmates and parties, or even the solo players. It does not necessarily mean that these should be the ranking system and these items should be the rewards, I'm just suggesting a mere idea here. I hope the community likes this one! Thanks for your time.