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  1. We Love the Blackstar Challenge.. Wooohooooo.... Thanks you much for the Experience... its so cool and so fun... :D


  2. oh so that's how you update your status. O_O

  3. I regret visiting this thread again, you all did an amazing job with all these recipes/challenges so hungry...
  4. Parties are set and ready to rumble. see you all on the 13th at 17:00 Server time.
  5. TalonRO is pleased to introduce our PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and your best armors for this end of the year PVP event, as well as some hot chocolate to get ready and heat up as you bring your opponents down to the chilly arena floor. The PVP tournament shall use the following format: The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode. Each team will have three (3) participating members. Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches. These are the rules in place f
  6. The results are in for the winners of the TalonRO 2020 PVP tournament Vanilla Edition. Tournament Winners: 1st place goes to Team KEKW~ formed by Sacrificio The Paladin, Nesprof~* The Professor ,and -Rapid Sura- The Champion Rewards: 2000 Valor & Glory coins on a character of their choice within their master account. 30 Total Talon Coins from the prize pool to split. A Saiyan Hair Costume, exclusively for any character within the winner's forum master account. 2nd place goes to Team Ad Astra formed by Intervention- The Professor, Zerothias The Protec
  7. Registration is now closed. See you all bright and early (or late at night on your timezone) on the battlefield.
  8. TalonRO is pleased to host our first PvP tournament of epic proportions – and we want you and your best teammates to prepare for a throw down like none other! The basics of the tournament: This tournament will be following Vanilla Mode If you never played Vanilla Mode, please refer to here on the restrictions 3 vs 3 teams: That's right contenders, this will be a team battle event. Matches will be decided from a best out of 3 Tournament will follow the basic PVP mechanics Signing up will be as followed: An Entry fee of
  9. LOL, oh man you got Xing down on that, it's amazing!
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