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  1. Super Late here. but Thank you for your feedback. with BG released I can now close this topic.Again thank you all for all the information..
  2. LOL, oh man you got Xing down on that, it's amazing!
  3. Hello Everyone, GM Blackstar at your service. With Battlegrounds under construction again I started thinking, "Which games players like and hate?" So I've came up with an idea but I need everyone's help to do it. I just need everyone to cast their votes in my polls on your favorite Mode and least favorite mode in the Links provided below. https://forms.gle/d9eF9R6B6H2MJ6PY9 <-vote for your Least favorite Battlegrounds Mode. https://forms.gle/6s66m4DGxNJy9q6r6 <-vote for your Most favorite Battlegrounds Mode. Please be sure to comment in this Topic on why you picked your answers if you like. I would appreciate all the Data I can collect to make BG GREAT AGAIN (I am so sorry) just please be respectful of others thoughts on the modes as bashing players won't help me at all with data collection.
  4. Changed Status to Declined (1) I would say no on account that you can store your Eden Merit badges in Kafra. Please use your badges responsibly
  5. *Blows off dust* Hello everybody this is GM Blackstar, your new PvP/WoE GM. As of the last couple days I've been looking at many of these old posts and Wondering if these problems are still having an influence in WoE or has things have changed lately with the community? Do people still think some of these Idea's are needed or just become obsolete due to better understanding the situation? I've mainly started a discussion in TalonRO's Discord server under the WoE discussion channel if anyone wants to read and talk more there. I will be taking further notes and complying idea's after I read over the next couple days. in the upcoming week or so (depending on irl situations) I will making a small questionnaire for Current and past guild leaders to look at and foward to me. As of right now from my notes, the main issue is lack of supplies from all forms of WoE from what I have gathered.
  6. I would tell myself. whats the worst that could happen, as I break 10 weapons, ah that.
  7. I'd just want Djinn to have a +10 int buff. that way its considered the best AD weapon unlike elemental sword or Excalibur
  8. I am enjoying this art work. if you ever have a free slot let me know so I can farm enough money for a commission YAHOOO!
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