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  1. IGN: Tuzi Job: Gypsy lvl: 99/70 A TALE OF BOOKS AND DUST This story teaches us that love and dialogue are more effective than fear and punishment. This is a story of feverish nightmares and aspired dreams. This is the story of a young woman who pursued her dreams. Or who was persecuted by them? Who knows… This is a tale of books and dust. SCREENSHOTS Special thanks to @Ryushimaru and his hidden assassin doing emoji for the NPC! Ahahaha
  2. IGN: Kuchikimonji (bard) x Sr Angie (high priest) Our Story ❤️ It was the bishop’s birthday, and for just one day Sr Angie was allowed to take a leave from her duties. She was tired, but stopping for her meant to revive all the horrors she had fought. – Working makes you forget, but for how long could you resist like this..? – she said to herself. Then suddenly upon all the chattering she heard some music, – Oh, I like it… – she thought. A bard was playing a sweet song, and she came closer to hear it. – What is the name of this song? – asked Sr Ang
  3. Lunatic Pudding The Story The Recipe PS. I know that pudding is a generic term in English, but I had to use it to let you all understand. The name of this dessert in my language is “mattonella di budino” ^^
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