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  1. Okay. I just checked the network log from the browser after posting payment. Yep its clean, data only goes to stripe. Thank you for fast response. I think it will help if you show process details on the payment page. You will not see it is safe until you view it in browser dev tools. Im sure there are people in the past that were potential donors but refused to input their card number. THank you for clarification. BTW your website is best RO site ive seen. Yes that includes Official servers. EDIT TYPOS
  2. Well Paypal has been there for so many years with little to no issues. Im not saying you should use Paypal specifically but use other trusted payment portal. What is your payment processor if I may ask? It is not even displayed on the payment page. Credit card numbers are being save to your database if I am not missing anything which is very dangerous for players and to your organization as well.
  3. Hi Admins, Is there other way of donating other than inputing credit card number on your webstite? This is very unsecure and should not be used by your players. Is there a paypal orsomething alike that we can use?
  4. Hi Guys, Read many good recommendations about this server. Hope to have fun here even though Im quite busy on work and family. See ya!
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