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  1. He would still be able to dispell everything else except for the preserve.
  2. Yea that is what i mean. You will get teleported into the enemy team and they start spamming skills on you which means once you hit preserve they will be able to hit interrupt your cast and there goes your copied skill. This is pretty much the only shut down that stays with you even after you die everything else like broken items or stripped items are available to you after you have died. Imagine a champions asura would be disabled for an entire match because a professor managed to hit a dispel (lets be real its really hard to hit that) in the very beginning. I mean he can still do -something-, right? Would it be really break battlegrounds if stalkers had a permanent preserve that cant be dispelled? Its one of the main class mechanic and plays a huge role in most builds. This isn't an issue anywhere else on the server, only in battlegrounds.
  3. Its far far worse for stalker. Unless you play a build without preserve you're fucked every single time if the enemy team has a professor and he catches onto it. He will dispel you every single time and if it happens on the very first minute of a 15 minute game what are you gonna do the rest of the match? If the enemy team also has a creator for FCPs what can you do? Nothing literally. Without preserve you have no damage anymore and if they have FCP you cant even strip so what are you supposed to do? Guess you can cheer for your teammates from the backline. I really hope Staff is looking into this
  4. Talking about Team Deathmatch in particular. It can be really frustrating if you get teleported into the enemy team straight away and don't have the time to preserve your copied skill. If you play a build like elemental sword you are literally useless without your copied skill (well you can still strip i guess) which means you may aswell go straight afk right there. I would like to suggest that stalkers can use preserve while still in the base on Team Deathmatch or better yet, give them a permanent preserve while in BG altogether. Because a dispel from a professor might just end your fun right there aswell. Soul Linkers are so rare to see in BGs so rogue spirit isn't really an option either. Thanks
  5. Just give it a 25m entry fee until the rework is in thats abt how much you would have paid for seal service
  6. With no word on the SQI rework in the latest news thread i suppose this is still months away? Are there any plans to make valhalla accessable for people who havent unlocked it before they were taken out? Also are there any plans to offer a way to gain essences in the near future? SQI bonuses are pretty huge and they are kinda locked away for quite a few people at the moment.
  7. Looking for some stalker gear Gear: - Valk Helm (no OVH) - Dragon Vest +3 Agi - Dragon Mant - Sherwood - Sleipnir (1) - Bris - Dia Mant - Fire Armor (1) - Wind Armor (1) - Elven Ears (1) - PCB Cards: - Turtle General - Stormy Knight - GTB - Lady Tanee - GEC - High Priest - Bathory - Angeling - Deviling - RSX - Marc Please leave your offer here or PM me -
  8. Imo, BGs should be completely redesigned. Turn them into 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 queues you can queue up for as a party. Implement a ladder system and reward unique cosmetics for the top spots.
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