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  1. Leave mail or pm me Ingame xPitou xYoupi
  2. GM Boreas my very thanks. Its really hard to lookup on every buying npc in towns and seek whats good to farm on the day we play.
  3. !bsl - show buying store list *shows all players item buying prices !bsl <item name,id #> *shows buying store specific item prices !ssl - show selling store list *shows selling store selling prices !ssl <item name,id #> *shows selling store specific item prices This will replace the buying/selling pdf we download in the control panel.
  4. eshnider23

    Rest Bonus Exp

    Disable REST BONUS EXP if we are not fighting monsters. It is wasted once i have attacked even 1 mob then go afk or shopping Reenable REST BONUS EXP if we are actively fighting mobs again. Is it possible?
  5. And yet they call it a cheat on the voting system.Constantly scans but no one was banned? I think they just bluff on that. How do you monetize the game if you remove the voting system? By donation only now? Voting skipping bug GM Boreas 1785 Posted December 26, 2018 Not a bug, but a bannable offense. There is a system in place which constantly scans whether your IP has completed the captchas or not. If not then you get a strike. On too many strikes you get banned.
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