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  1. Hi guyz, im new here and i just want to introduce myself well let's go My name isnt that important just call me Nessaya, I'm 28 years old, the name nessaya sounds like female.. name.. but for sure.. im not im'a german player living in germany studding its called like Technician spezializing in mechanical engineering About my RO life : and i played before euRO, year 2005 i started..., ( chaos then odin till server wipe) after i joined fRO played there in the guild The Blues ( woe guild) after i got scammed there ( my mistake i should not trust ... (i was dumb and young... ) ) i quit there and played a lot of private server high right and mid rates mostly.... but i did not have fun and started here after years.... now i found a server wich is amazing, i got a lot of fun here and i hope the community and the staff will be stay cool as it is im actually in the guild in Landers and Notruf (german guild) i hope we will have much fun here and i will do my best to stay friendly to all of you guyz sorry for my bad englisch and best regards guyz
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