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  1. oh damn... thanks for the heads up gonna update it now
  2. thanks for the welcome! glad that i piqued your interest with Gunslinger. I'm normally a sinX main but i know how troubling it can be for sinX to grind at the start without help... also wanted to try Gunslinger properly and pretty happy with it just need to get geared + bragi = Desperado spam gg
  3. Sup guys! Had this sudden moment of nostalgia after a bunch of MMORPGs didnt satisfy me like RO has... and look where we are now :V Still super fresh playing on this server. I would say this is my first real take on RO with low-rates but thoroughly enjoying it as forming parties to level up is real and grinding gears for efficient farming really gives you that feeling of accomplishment :). Mostly on after work like 7pm-ish(GMT+8) during the weekdays and the weekends vary. Feel free to pop in my stream and say hi or even party up to savor the grind (said no one ever :P). hopefully soon i'll be geared and farm MVPs and zeny efficiently... then i can give back to the community :). To the GMs, Keep up the great work with the server. Also how to apply for Streamer role on the discord channel? Getting quite a bit of traction with viewers asking what server i'm playing on. Sending the !server command on my stream promotes TalonRO GLHF all see you in game or discord! d3frag
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