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  1. About a week in the server and I meet plenty of sociable and helpful people. Really enjoy playing it here right now.
  2. Thx for the tips guys. Luckily I "accidentally" created my merchant same account with knight. I haven't got much yet in the game, some of the tips you guys giving me "didnt make sense" for me as I dont understand it yet xD. But I hope i'll learn about it later in the game. Thx again.
  3. Thx for the guide. Easy to follow even for new player like me. Though I die "several" times at GLP using sage. Sry for this noob question but can you add which char should be at alt acc and which should be at main. Thx.
  4. Hello fellow Talonians. Its been a very long time since I played this masterpiece. I used to play since it release on 2002 till 2005 and never had the chance ever again after I entered high school and yeah, here I am, so hype after all this year and currently downloading the game right at the moment. What tipped me to play the game again was, I was watching some videos at youtube, Pewdiepie~Mr.Beast~etc2, and I saw this video "Ragnarok - Wanna Be Free!!". The urge to play Ragnarok again hit me so hard that I cant stop thinking about it. (There is random comment on the game gonna get upgrade version to VR but sound to good to be true but i'm gonna support that hope and dream xD) I was around 8-10 years old when i played the game, i've only waste my time on walking around, meet random people, try to get friends and I never got far with my level and gear because I have small brain i guess xD. (At that moment) and I forgot mostly of the mechanics I guess. I hope the community is a very helpful one that can lend a helping hand for this wannabe Talonian. Thx again. Hope to have wonderful time with you guys~
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