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  1. Those bonuses dont carry over to a evil wing ear slotting from the NPC? That was the main reason i was trying to get them. I wanted to slot some EWE.
  2. hundo

    ME and Demon Bane

    Do they work with each other? Heal doesn't work correct?
  3. Im looking for slotted glasses and i was only able to find some at a npc that were unslotted. I was checking RMS and I cant find much info on them and it doesent look like they drop. Is there a way to slot unslotted?
  4. Can you run more than one instance of the game and more than one character at a time? Thanks!
  5. Yes I have tried to find information. I have however, it seems all over the place! I have a lot of confusion on what items i need that are best what i need it for. I was hoping people had more build guides posted. I didnt really see anything, but im also still learning lots of terms and things.
  6. Im trying to build a high priest to take to niff. im still a noob and need to know what gear i need! any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Does anyone here know or anyone on the talon team know when the web databases will be back up? I really liked using those!
  8. I was trying to vend with my Super Novice and after I setup the shop and put the !autotrade command in and the game closed. the command just took me right out of the game and back to my desktop. I have not played in quite some time and I see the vending rules have changed. Im not sure if i understand the !autotrade command. What does it do from the old traditional method of just using the vendor skill?
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