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    You're welcome~ Keep doing what you're doing! Your art is awesome!
  2. Hello there, welcome to tRO and welcome back to RO in general! TalonRO has indeed a lot of customized items, including some card customization (ie sting card, gryphon card etc.). I strongly advice to look through our forums or wiki for guides instead of consulting other guides because it wouldn't be accurate, since our server is heavily modified. The ones that you are describing above with +20 stats are Lord Kaho's Horn which gives 20 str, 20 int, 20dex and 20 mdef and Valkyrie Helm (Which is an SQI Item) which gives 20 vit, 20 luk, 20 agi and 20 mdef. When you are using the Talon cash shop it is also best to capitalize the first letter of the item you are searching. You probably typed "dark lord" in all small letters that's why it didn't give you any results. Also yes, you can buy MVP cards in the Talon Shop and you can donate to get the currency called (Talon Cash) well, which is used so we could buy things in the Talon shop. There are a lot of ways to get Talon Cash as a newbie aside from donating: 1. ) Daily Cash Betty (Which you can do everyday, basically free 40 Talon Cash! All you have to do is give her the items that she's asking, the items are fairly easy to get too.) 2. ) Tam tam maps. (We have a feature called tamtam maps in tRO. This changes every month. So every month there will be a certain maps that will be tamtam map and the monsters in this tamtam map has a chance to drop talon cash tickets.) 3. ) Mini games! (Fun chill way to earn free Talon cash: We have Bingo, Monster Race and so on.) If you're really decided to donate here's the link to our store: https://forum.talonro.com/store/ I recommend going through this forum post. https://forum.talonro.com/forum/64-swordman/ You can check out a lot of builds there that could suit your taste. Right, we also have a discord, where people could help you if you have a question in mind. Hope to see you in game! Goodluck in your tRO journey!
  3. Hi Joroan, this could help:
  4. Hola Henry! Welcome to tRO. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Hoping to see you in game as well! Oh and play whatever class your heart desires, pretty sure all guilds here are accepting and would guide you through your tRO journey. Don't be pressured by thinking that certain guilds need "a" certain type of job to let you in. 🙂 Anyway, Cheers and Welcome!
  5. Hello, welcome to tRO. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Whether you are new to RO in general or not, don't hesitate to ask main in game if you have questions to ask regarding some things in game. Pretty sure that people in our community will help you if you're in need of guidance. 🙂
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