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  1. GM Xing

    Hi ^_^

    Hi yhy! Welcome to tRO! Best of luck to you and I hope you're having a great time here :)
  2. Hello and Welcome. Hope you're having a blast in tRO so far!
  3. Congrats to everyone! I really love a lot of this year's entries.
  4. The entries are wonderful! Good luck everyone! 😊
  5. Hello! Welcome to tRO! I hope you enjoy your stay here, looking forward to see you in game!
  6. Hey Billy, welcome to tRO! Pretty sure all of the goals you've listed above are achievable! As for your guild you can probably try advertising it through #Recruit both in game and in our discord channel's party-guild-finder. I'm pretty sure people would eventually join if you advertise your social guild If you have any questions in mind about the game or just want to have cool people to talk to and make new friends, we have a discord server where our players are active as well See you around in game!
  7. Hello! Welcome to tRO! I would recommend starting off as any of these classes: Knight, Priest, Stalker, Hunter or Assassin. I won't discuss each class thoroughly but here's an example of why I have chosen knight as one of the best starting classes to play. Knight: Knight/Lord Knight is one of the best farming class there is in RO, not to mention it is easy to gear too. This video is a good example of how's its going to be like if you start off with a knight class. You can easily farm sleepers (and earn zeny) with just an undershirt/pantie combo with a refined brocca! How to get bronze coins? In this video you can see that he used bronze coins in order to rent a refined brocca. Bronze coins are obtainable through the Eden HQ which is also good to do when you're new to the server! (As it gives you some equipment to start off with once you do certain quests) More information about Eden quests : With all of these said, I'd also recommend you to read through our wiki as well: https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page as a lot of guides for newbies are explained there; things such as: Zeny Guide Leveling Guide Custom Features in our server Rewards systems and so much more! Anyway, it's great to have you here in our server! I hope you'll have a blast and I'll see you around in game! Don't forget to join our discord too, surely a lot of people will help you if you have any questions in mind, it's also a great way to be updated on what's going on either its server maintenance/events/etc.
  8. This actually made me giggle. Thanks for drawing me! This is wonderful! That's probably how people feel when I do blood lust. You depicted it perfectly. I love it. 😈 PS: I like how the Quve is watching me with amusement, its my spirit animal now.
  9. I just want to say your art is lovely! I really like your chibis, they're precious!
  10. I think its best to take a video or make a gif of the person you're trying to report someone. If someone keeps on Ksing you, I'm pretty sure you can record plenty of videos/gifs of him doing the same thing to you over and over. Its easier now with replay in our client. You could also use video recording apps such as ShareX and Bandicam.
  11. Hello, there is a similar suggestion regarding the musical bell not long ago. I do find the recolours interesting though.
  12. Thank you @SpankermanπŸ˜€
  13. Hey there! Welcome back to tRO! As Ding said, we have changed from EAthena to RAthena last July 20, 2019. That's why some features of the panel such as whosells, whobuys, item database, monster database are still not available. Don't worry though! They'll make a comeback! Right, since you mentioned about the panel and the database I thought I should mention this too.Voting system is now gone and have been replaced by Daily Cash Betty. It would give you 40 talon cash per day once you hand her the items she's requesting. (Conversion of Talon Coin to Cash; 1 Talon Coin = 100 Talon Cash). I don't really know how far you've re-explored tRO again so, just in case you still have some left over Copper Coins you can still convert them to a usable currency which is Talon Cash. The NPC can be found where Daily Cash Betty and The Reward Guru is located. Oh another thing, you can get a bonus bundle through the reward guru if you need information with regards: monster or which monster drops particular items. We have the commands (!whereis and !whodrops). Anyway, like what GM Alisa said, we have a discord where we can answer your question so, feel free to join and interact with us. With all of these said, looking forward to see you in game! I like hugging people until they're blue.
  14. Your art is so good! So many talented artists in tRO, I just want to get all of their art. ; w ;
  15. Hi Welcome to tRO! Like what Satomi said, tRO isn't your typical pre-renewal server we have heavily customized things here so it is best to read in our forums and wiki! Wiki Page: https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page We also have a discord, you can talk to people there when you need guidance about certain things in-game or be updated on what's going like future maintenance (updates/reboots) Looking forward to see you in game and in my events so I can ki-- I mean, give you a warm welcoming hug 😊
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