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  1. Another Instance will emerge next week : Piamette the Fire Goddess' Lair!

    Now that Death has been defeated, a new challenger emerges from the heart of Thor's Volcano!

    Will the Midgardians defeat this new threat? Find out soon!

  2. Excited to host an event tomorrow. It will involve a lot of deaths as usual~

  3. I mishu :'c

  4. Congrats to everyone! I really love a lot of this year's entries.
  5. The entries are wonderful! Good luck everyone! 😊
  6. This actually made me giggle. Thanks for drawing me! This is wonderful! That's probably how people feel when I do blood lust. You depicted it perfectly. I love it. 😈 PS: I like how the Quve is watching me with amusement, its my spirit animal now.
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