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  1. Thanks alot bro! ❤️

  2. NIGHT IN VANAHEIM I had a bit of free time, and it was good practice and lots of fun for me. Will do some more hand sketch of the Characters involved Tried different time settings and orientation ❤️ IGN: ~Kelthuzad~ GM Challenge taken: - GM SEIREN CHALLENGE: include some of the new maps (i.e. Dimensional Gap, Vanaheim, Juperos, etc.) 2nd Phase FINAL
  3. SEND MY VALENTINES IN HEAVEN WARNING: Tear Jerking Cheesy Valentines story. Advised to have a couple of tissues while reading ღ High Wizard IGN: ~Kelthuzad~ ღ BiO IGN: Queen Bey Oh, What can i say about the girl player I loved the most I was a lone wolf playing as solo, never bothered to care for anyone, no guild no friends no nothing! Until the moment I met her (Queen Bey) Everything changed... We went on raids, socialized and then i started to grow weary of her. Teased her everyday hoping that she'd pay me more attention. At that exact moment. I knew I was falling. Months went on. She left talonRO, her guildies and me for months without forewarning anyone. I was devastated by the loss of her. "How could a person become my world and not theirs?" Sulking in the abyss which i caused I thought to myself "Ha! this is just a game. What's with my long face? She can leave if she wishe so!" I waited... and waited.. for months... Sadness... So excruciatingly eating away tiny pieces of me... Yet again. I waited, in desperation. Little did i know she became my world. I gave up. It's been months of long wait. I decided it was pointless, that I had to move on, pull myself together, uninstall TalonRO and put everything back together And that's exactly what happened. I went on with my regular normal life. 2 years have passed. The thought randomly crossed my mind. To check how tRO was doing. I installed it back. I logged in... To my shock and excitement. Standing there, Near the reward guru portal. It was Queen Bey. She was back!!! I froze. The first thing on my mind was complete blank. Then i had a flash back. I remember seeing her for the first time in Bingo. When I hated the fact that she was surrounded by these guys. Little did we know that the magical spark would begin! As time went on. we threw each other a couple of corny jokes where we both ended up laughing too much. Oh~ It was good while it lasted. Just mindless indulgence and pure innocence. We were enveloped in a utopia where everything or anyone didn't matter and time stood still. Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like Days! It felt like a moving sea between the shores of our souls and union. Little by little, I have fallen... Deeper than the sea... Who knew the once me would be change so much for a SINGLE person in game. So then I approached her for the first time ever after YEARS of Waiting. Exactly, at the 7th of January this year 2021. I confessed to her then she spoke back. She uttered the words "How could you make me wait that long? I quit TalonRO because i wanted to know if i had a special place in your heart. I wanted you to find me first. To know if i even mattered to you" I wish she would've said that. but then, The chat box popped up. Queen Bey: "Hi This is her brother. Playing on her account. She passed away. Took her own life because she couldn't deal with the sadness brought about by this TRO player who never reciprocated her affection. I know it sounds ridiculous but she's really fragile and weak hearted. Her funeral will be on February 14th" I fell on my chair... Tears streamed down my face. It Seems even death doesn't take a break on Valentines. Please send my VALENTINE to heaven ღ.THE END ORIGINAL PHOTO BELOW
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