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  1. Thanks alot bro! ❤️

  2. NIGHT IN VANAHEIM I had a bit of free time, and it was good practice and lots of fun for me. Will do some more hand sketch of the Characters involved Tried different time settings and orientation ❤️ IGN: ~Kelthuzad~ GM Challenge taken: - GM SEIREN CHALLENGE: include some of the new maps (i.e. Dimensional Gap, Vanaheim, Juperos, etc.) 2nd Phase
  3. SEND MY VALENTINES IN HEAVEN WARNING: Tear Jerking Cheesy Valentines story. Advised to have a couple of tissues while reading ღ High Wizard IGN: ~Kelthuzad~ ღ BiO IGN: Queen Bey Oh, What can i say about the girl player I loved the most I was a lone wolf playing as solo, never bothered to care for anyone, no guild no friends no nothing! Until the moment I met her (Queen Bey) Everything changed... We went on raids, socialized and then i started to grow weary of her. Teased her everyday hoping that she'd pay me more attention. At that exact mome
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