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  1. Oh excellent, an aspiring chef! It is great to meet you Niji! There's always something new to learn in game- isn't that exciting? I hope you are successful in your quest to become a Chef in game. I look forward to being a taste-tester for you.
  2. Hey there, thanks for considering TalonRO! It is absolutely possible to do the traditional job change quests! I hope you and your friends come join us on Talon. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Hey Teppie, welcome to TalonRO! Support is always fun. I'm a big fan of support roles myself! If you have any questions let me know. Hope to see you around!
  4. GM Aqua


    Hey there, welcome to TalonRO! I'd suggest finding a guild and joining them for guild activities then talking to them and getting to know them! I hope you make lots of friends, and once again, welcome to Talon! Have a wonderful day.
  5. The ability to use the mirAI hybrid homunculus AI I had. What is your favorite thing about Iduna?
  6. A: Yes, I have actually! Q: What are your new years resolutions?
  7. Drops do expire after a time. You likely did not pick them up in time. Additionally, I don't think Angeling has a 100% drop rate for anything so you just got unlucky with drops.
  8. GM Aqua


    Hey, welcome to TRO! I hope you have a lot of fun here. There are a lot of events to partake in and the XMas event is going on right now. Hope you have a great time!
  9. Hey Michael, welcome to TRO! You say *or* -- but I suggest.. why not both?
  10. This is a very well written bit of advice Ghaspar! Thank you for posting it.
  11. Hey hunters are fun! Hope you have a wonderful stay on TRO!
  12. A: Yes, actually. I've learned about different foods in other cultures from the people I've met on TRO. Q: What is your favorite aquatic creature?
  13. Heya, I'm Aqua- nice to meet you Cheryl! Welcome to TRO. I hope you have a fun time leveling and playing the game.
  14. Hello! Does someone else at your house use your computer to play TRO? If so then that's likely the reason.
  15. GM Aqua


    Welcome to TRO! I like your name. I hope you have a wonderful time here. ^^
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