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  1. Welcome to you! Don't forget to join in our discord and shout on #main and #recruit to look for recruiting guilds out there. Good luck!
  2. Glad to have you here! Hoping to see you around ❤️ Best of luck ingame!
  3. Welcome Michael! Looking forward to see you joining in one of my events. Goodluck around and have fun!
  4. GM Alisa


    Hi there! Hope you're having fun 😄 I host events whenever I'm online ingame. Looking forward to see you joining
  5. A: uhhh, mermaids? Q: Do you like baked mac and cheese?
  6. Welcome aboard! See you ingame when I host events or roam around different towns
  7. 1815432687_WinterContest2019.thumb.jpeg.717bd6cf25f629b2b8ebff165f9956e2.thumb.jpeg.81a1c2d7f5f7d7a049b8aa322ca5d3f8.jpeg

    10 days left before our Winter Baking Contest ends!

    You still have time to dust off grandma's old apron and start baking some delectable pastries for a chance to win the very adorable Wool Hat Costume! 

    We will be waiting! /rice

    For more information: 2019 Winter Baking Contest

  8. Nice to meet you too @Starlight Dream! I like your name by the way Should you have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone from the GMs. Best of luck!
  9. GM Alisa here! Should you have any concerns, feel free to ask me. Always looking forward to lend a helping hand especially to new players like you! Welcome and see you around
  10. GM Alisa

    Hi ^_^

    Welcome! I'm glad that you're here now with us. Please make yourself comfortable, feel at home! This GMs won't bite
  11. GM Alisa


    It's always great to see old RO players coming back! Welcome, hope you'll have a wonderful stay here
  12. Hope you enjoy your time here with us, welcome to TalonRO!
  13. Each of you worked hard for this. Congratulations! 🎉
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