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  1. A warm welcome from me as well! I hope you have fun in our server. We have a thread for your country in Server Discussion. It's pretty inactive but feel free to remove the dust out! If you have any questions don't hesitate to post here in the forums or buzz anyone from the GM Team. We're active on discord so I suggest that you join us there with other fellow Talonians. Good luck and see you around Prontera!
  2. Wishing you the best! Good luck
  3. I love reading and your stories truly caught my attention! Especially the ones that you posted in your forum profile. Please keep those coming. I really love 'em!
  4. Hello and welcome to TalonRO @warpain! I hope that you will enjoy your time playing here in our server. Be sure to check out our Wiki and join us in our discord server. If you have any question, feel free to ask them here! We are always willing to help. Best of luck out there!
  5. Welcome to our humble home Cairro! I'm delighted that you are back to RO once again. Should you have any questions, you may post here in the forums or check our Wiki Page for Talon guidance. Don't forget that we have discord as well. I hope to see you in game. Best of luck to your adventures!
  6. Hello there! It's good to have you here Billy! Don't forget to check out our wiki, it will be super helpful for your journey to becoming a great hunter! Join our discord as well! Join the discussion and communicate with other players and I'm sure you'll have many friends in no time. Wishing you the best! See you around. ☺️
  7. Welcome to our humble home @JayneX! I'm so glad that you decided to stay with us here in TalonRO! Don't forget to check our wiki as they are very helpful for new players. I hope to see you in-game during GM events/random town visits. Good luck!
  8. Welcome to TalonRO @Zeraltz! I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Should you have any questions, please feel free to post here in our forums. Don't forget to join our discord as well! It's a great place to talk to your fellow players when you're not in game. You can also reach us, the GM team there. Good luck with your adventures and I look forward to seeing you around.
  9. The babies looks so adorable Make sure to warn them about the blood thirsty @GM Xing (Referring to @hligg's artwork). I heard babies are one of her favourites Anyway, great work @Pneuma!
  10. I also had the same feeling the first time I saw the artwork. @hligg You did an ama-Xing work in capturing @GM Xing's personality! Very amu-Xing!
  11. Those heart melting words, thank you so much @Spankerman! Rest assured that we will work harder to bring more amazing content for everyone to enjoy.
  12. We have many awesome entries! Keep 'em coming my lovelies. 😍
  13. Hello there @munabuns! I'm just going to drop by to say hi and welcome back to the world of Ragnarok Online! I hope that you're having a great time here in TalonRO. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need any help. Our Forums and Discord should be enough to have your concerns covered. Best of luck and see you in the game!
  14. Welcome back to our humble home @Blue Eyed Soul! It's always nice to see old players coming back. We are excited to see you in game! Ding already had your concern answered but should you need further assistance, feel free to post here in our Forums, and also don't forget our Discord server where you can message other fellow players and us GMs of TRO. Good luck and enjoy the game once again!
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