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  1. Such wonderful entries! Best of luck to all participants!
  2. It's 1AM here and viewing this thread is a huge mistake. I'm breaking my 24 hrs fast then
  3. I forgot my registered email.. can should i do? but still remember my username and pass in game. can you help me? thanks.

  4. Talonian 1: Any GMs online? I need help /sob 
    Talonian 2: I think no GM is online at the moment.

    Talonian 1: Where are the GMs of this server??!! Y u no halp? I demand keho for the inconvenience!

    Talonian 2: Relax man! The GMs are the most busiest people in this server. They may not here but they're surely doing some behind the scene works....

    The GMs:


    GM Alisa: Did I just heard a player asking for GMs?
    GM Lance: Nah I only hear Mikzie's tummy crumbling.
    GM Haru: I think I heard it too--
    GM Lance: WE DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING. Go feed the bunny D:<

    -for entertainment purposes only-


  5. Where are my coven peeps at?! Long live the Coven!
  6. Почему меня забанили

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Greetings kotukukottt, please submit a support ticket for further discussion in regards to your question. 

    2. kotukukottt


      ?что тикет

      не понимаю

      я в дискорд



  7. Different types of player in my Killer Games /gawi




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    2. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Lol! Many would beg to differ, my princess. I am automatically the suspect nowadays./oops

    3. Hitchner


      How lewd. More hand holders. > /// >

    4. DeliciousGreenApple
  8. I'm loving these last minute entries! Keep 'em coming my dear fashionistas! Time check, two hours left before we close this thread!
  9. Well-deserved @Aanwal, @oddvisuals & @Yiyi and congratulations to you all!
  10. I agree! Everyone deserves to have that Pink Mavka
  11. How are we going to pick only 8 winners? They're all so amazing and goooood @GM Zelda!
  12. Winners from Blood Lust: The Underwater Edition' event /lv tro1.PNG.8013ce90a19f40603c64a2d5e2ed0087.PNGTro.PNG.1a65fcf9b8a7657f007b37b417c10b38.PNG

  13. Ofcourse! She's magical as well. I'm loving the background colors you used 💕
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