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  1. Where are my coven peeps at?! Long live the Coven!
  2. Почему меня забанили

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Greetings kotukukottt, please submit a support ticket for further discussion in regards to your question. 

    2. kotukukottt


      ?что тикет

      не понимаю

      я в дискорд



  3. Different types of player in my Killer Games /gawi




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    2. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Lol! Many would beg to differ, my princess. I am automatically the suspect nowadays./oops

    3. Hitchner


      How lewd. More hand holders. > /// >

    4. DeliciousGreenApple
  4. I'm loving these last minute entries! Keep 'em coming my dear fashionistas! Time check, two hours left before we close this thread!
  5. Well-deserved @Aanwal, @oddvisuals & @Yiyi and congratulations to you all!
  6. I agree! Everyone deserves to have that Pink Mavka
  7. How are we going to pick only 8 winners? They're all so amazing and goooood @GM Zelda!
  8. Winners from Blood Lust: The Underwater Edition' event /lv tro1.PNG.8013ce90a19f40603c64a2d5e2ed0087.PNGTro.PNG.1a65fcf9b8a7657f007b37b417c10b38.PNG

  9. Ofcourse! She's magical as well. I'm loving the background colors you used 💕
  10. hello. so i stopped playing talon ro for almost 1 year. and i've just recovered this account today. but i forgot my storage password. can u help me please. thank you !!

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Hi @Alrayt !, you may try to recover it HERE.

  11. Hello:) can u help me with the Quest called "the Sign"? Nobody can help me... i stuck at Part 4 of the Quest and i did all Steps very carefully.. i dont know what to to

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Sent you a PM

  12. Screenshot_20200323_222438.thumb.jpg.18002c9bf4c5e555263eb5c27a8b552f.jpg

    Get a chance to win a Protection Cloth Costume and Talon & Valkyrie coins!

    How to join? Just check our official Instagram account for more info! @officialtalonro

    📷: @gm_alisa 🌸

  13. ✔️ Wear mask everytime you'll go out especially if you're sick, have cold or any respiratory problems
    ✔️ Use alcohol (not the one on the picture), sanitize and wash your hands whenever you touch dirty/public objects
    ✔️ Avoid crowded areas as much as possible
    Do not touch your face unless your hands are well cleaned
    Do not hoard alcohols and masks
    ✔️ Drink lots of water and eat healthy

    Be NCOV free and stay safe everyone! ❤️


  14. 1815432687_WinterContest2019.thumb.jpeg.717bd6cf25f629b2b8ebff165f9956e2.thumb.jpeg.81a1c2d7f5f7d7a049b8aa322ca5d3f8.jpeg

    10 days left before our Winter Baking Contest ends!

    You still have time to dust off grandma's old apron and start baking some delectable pastries for a chance to win the very adorable Wool Hat Costume! 

    We will be waiting! /rice

    For more information: 2019 Winter Baking Contest

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