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  1. *comes in late to laugh at the fish*
  2. You've come very far Mendi, I am inspired. The style you use now is super beautimous. also that cat's tail sez to me 'Unhand me, human. In 5 seconds I am going to claw your tuna shirt off and eat that if you don't put me down and get me some noms right MEOW.' D:
  3. because Ana will never post again if I don't. </3 I forget if I've asked before, but what inspirations did you use/how did you come up with your sniper's cold weather design?
  4. I'm very sorry to hear that you haven't been able to enjoy it Onyria, if I still played I'd offer my company but.. I don't. >: I've had my own experiences with this problem as well so I know somewhat how it may feel. OTL. I wish you the best as always. ;-; My love for your art will live on as well even if you no longer post it here.
  5. I think it's lovely and it made me smile (KITTIES!), so I hope it makes you happy too. <:
  6. Welcome back Onyria, the way you drew that couple is super sweet. :3
  7. Myew

    Himitsu |

    It's really sweet to see you still giving away such lovelies Himi, thank you for sharing. :3 *sends a bottle filled with meows*
  8. In all her majestic floofiness.
  9. If I was awake and knew, I would. :c
  10. I wanted to be the one. http://ftg.operationsupplydrop.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MEGA-MAN-FEATURE.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdmlO9xOlJo Thank you Auu, and grats Vee~
  11. I like to make people feel fuzzy and weird. *vomits hairballs made with love* I found a few pics with the two of us back in 2007, I can make you feel even weirder if you like. May I have #1 please? *bats eyes innocently*
  12. Myew

    GEC HP % Regen

    Just to clarify, I am not suggesting the SP Regen be changed from flat to percentage, only the HP Regen. As well, pretty much ANY HP Regen % would be better than it is now. But don't you think any character wearing this MvP card should be able to fully heal their HP regardless of level or class within a reasonable period of time?
  13. Myew

    GEC HP % Regen

    I'd been sitting on this thought for quite a while, but now with the kaahi changes it seems more necessary. GEC is great for flat SP regen at both low and high levels due to it's nature as a casting resource with a much smaller cap, however the HP regen on it has always been meaningless at both low and high levels, especially on classes like LK. To maintain GEC's viability as a health sustain item at higher levels, I believe the HP regen should be changed to a % heal. I was tinkering with around 33%~50% HP regen per minute. Each tick would heal your character 5.5%-8.3% max HP every 10 seconds. It'd take 2-3 minutes for your character to fully heal. As it is now on a character with 10,000 HP, it would take them 17 minutes to heal. Thoughts?
  14. I love the style you drew this in. Makes her look very motherly and medieval, straight out of a fairy tale.
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