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  1. They are all too good. *heavy breathing* Best of luck. I hope everyone's designs might get some features on the site/game.
  2. I really like that Aireane, Himi, and Ratata included stories with their designs! Imagine if your mascots were given a questline in-game. (All of yours could be done with existing npc/monster/class + costume sprites/headgears/etc) My feline intuition is foreshadowing. Do it.
  3. Congrats to all the artists, not just the winners~ Please never stop drawing. I would die without you.
  4. As I've mentioned before... I don't have a very good sense of humor but I do hope you'll like it! Great job you two. :> Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the exp and costumes. I think there might be a tiny mix up with the spring event. Shouldn't the Butterfly Barrette be from Zoey, and the Spring Hat from Stacey? I got the Butterfly Barrette from Stacey.. just seems a bit weird.
  6. I actually totally realized this too late but I can't edit it. Forever shamed. :< I've never even gotten to El Dicastes quests, I'm so behind. q.q
  7. Here's an even simpler idea: "Please obey the following rules." "Do not spam, trashtalk or use vulgar or obscene language in !main." https://talonro.com/general-rules.html MORA VILLAGE?! I want to go there when I die. Q^Q
  8. Well, today's monster is Obsidian.. which is much more agreeable, although quite rare in spawn (5 minute respawn on 3/4 of them). Most of the older board mobs had plenty of spawn, so many people could be doing the quest at once without always competing for spawn. I hope you keep these points in mind if you plan to prune the monster list.
  9. I have to say that personally I am disappointed with the hunting board. Especially for newer people who are trying to work towards rental gears just to have some decent gear so they can contribute to a party or solo, expected to hunt monsters much harder than they normally can. I have spent hours trying to find people to party, and it's not doing much good. Finding people willing to hunt 150 Errende in LH2 is rather ridiculous for as hard as that place is with NPC gears.
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