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  1. Had some magical moments in game over the passed few days..

    When I first made my Support Acolyte, I ran into a strange Poring out in Hugel field while hunting Metalings.. It didn't have an HP bar, but my cursor indicated that it could be attacked, so I did so, but every attack I landed only dealt a single damage. I quickly logged into my Hunter in hopes of defeating this "Germring", but it had already vanished once I'd arrived. I continued to train my Acolyte with my hunter by his side just in case I ran into that strange creature again..

    About two days later, which was yesterday, I was having mixed feelings about logging in. I'm not getting bored, but I'm conflicted as to where I should level my 95 Hunter without wasting too much time. I want to ask around, but nobody has too much advice for a Hunter without gear, so I just stick to my old regime. I walk to the North of Gonryun with my Hunter, buffed up and feeling ready to grind. After slaying a few Bloody Butterflies I notice a Poring appear and vanish from my visionary range. I passed it off as me just tripping, and continued to sort out the mob of Enchanted Peach Trees and Bloody Butterflies that had surrounded me, but then I thought about the Germring.. 

    My curiosity finally got the best of me. I broke away from attacking the mob and allowed them to follow me in the direction of where I thought I saw the Poring. To my surprise I found a multicolored Poring with angel wings. An Angeling..? I thought. Even at my current level I knew I couldn't slay an Angeling, but for some reason it didn't have a mob surrounding it, so I did what anyone else would've done in the situation, I began to attack it. To my surprise it didn't attack back, so I knew this couldn't have been a normal Angeling. It moved from one side of the screen to the other at the speed of lightning, taking only 1 damage from each of my arrows. I tried my best to ignore the mob of monsters surrounding me, as they were too slow to pose threats, but the magic of the Bloody Butterflies would not miss, so I had to take care of this unique monster as soon as possible.

    After landing a few more arrows, the Poring was defeated, and to my surprise I leveled up. This event left me in awe, and sent me into a vortex of confusion and curiosity. I took to #Main to question other players, but I was merely treated as if I were bragging. It was the voice of a character with the name Wickebine Cuatro that caught my attention. I quickly whispered them in hopes of getting information, and was blessed with the story of the Treasure Porings and the portal the Rainbowring could've opened if I'd been a little bit luckier. They then told me about the Dagger of Edda and it's connection to Ginnunggap. My curiosity still dissatisfied I took to the forum to search for more information on these Porings and Dagger. I only found a few topics regarding to the matter, but it was enough to keep me interested..

    Hours later I would log back in. I was in the midst of completing the Moscovia "Floating Island" quest. My target were Stone Shooters as they had a 100% chance to drop the item I needed to craft the Gusli instrument. It happened again... A uniquely colored Poring would appear and sap all of my attention. This time there was absolutely no hesitation, I took it down with grace in a haste. Just like the time before I'd leveled up. I was getting closer and closer to level 99 by the second, and I truly felt Freya herself were guiding me. It woke a sense of adventure that was sleeping within me.. Should I take this as a sign and begin my journey to hunt for the legendary Dagger of Edda? Should I go alone, or find a team to aid me? What kind of clues are there to even be found? So many questions, but with few people to ask I am currently at a loss..

    I do believe in coincidences, and they're not so far from destiny.. I want to make this journey memorable, and so far this has been my best Ragnarok Online experience, so I do plan on continuing this journey. Hopefully I can get more answers soon enough..

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