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  1. It finally happened...

    Ever since I left Gonryun, I've had one thing on my mind: To become stronger. I knew I'd come to see the day of standing face to face with a Valkyrie. I trembled in her presence, because what if she told me I truly wasn't good enough? What if it was her will to see me die right there in front of her? My journey would've been for naught, or maybe I'm wrong..

    The journey itself was a blast! I met new friends, discovered new places, fought countless monsters, and even  started my own guild after hours of proving myself worthy by hunting the Emperium stone! Yes, the journey of this former Hunter was amazing, but here he begins a new journey! After a long road, countless hardships, and days of grinding I've been granted the title of Sniper by the Gods themselves!

    My newly attained title comes with even greater power, and more responsibility. I have to help others just as others have helped me. Without people like DX, Tunnel, and Za Priestess among others, I would not be who I am today!

    So now, after resting in Gonryun for a few days, I've traveled back to my favorite training spot in Louyang to regain my footing, as well as practice my new skills, because I plan on using them to find the Dagger of Edda one day... When will that day come? Who knows? I've realized that it's all about the journey, not the destination, so I pray this road is as bumpy as the last, because that chaos will surely make me even stronger! 



    Spectrum Wing of the Twilight Dragons


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